Wildcard’s Going to Wichita!

Wildcard’s Going to Wichita

By Connor Peck

The 2018 League of Legends season is starting up, and Wildcard is excited to announce a returning core roster. Bradley “Ikingvex” Miller (Ad Carry), Cory “Sudzzi” Miller (Mid Lane), and Ethan “Ic0nic” Wilkinson (Jungler) are headed to Wichita, with the new additions of Luis “Clyde” Ferrera (Support) and Christian “Cris” Rosales (Top Lane).

For their first LAN of the year, Wildcard is travelling to the 2018 Wichita eSports Convention, hosted by Midwest eSports. The event is scheduled to start on February 2, and Wildcard’s League of Legends team is getting busy stacking the deck.

“Our manager has really set us up.” said Sudzzi in an interview with the team before their evening scrims. “He wants us to win, so he’s really putting us through the grinder.”

The grinder, in this case, refers to one of the nightly six-hour training sessions the team has committed to, during which they’re on the lookout for opportunities to improve as a team and scour out any mistakes.

“We can’t see what we need to work on until we brush against it, so we’re looking for anything we can scrub out.” Sudzzi explained. “How you talk to each other, that’s important; sync ups, those are important; anything and everything we can find is important.”

Doruk Hacioglu -an 8-year League of Legends veteran, and Wildcard’s League coach- has been impressed by the team’s performance in practice thus far, but was quick to bring a professional outlook to the forefront. “We’ve had pretty dominating performances in scrims, but that doesn’t mean anything until game day.” he said, “But going into Wichita, based off of our practices and how I expect the team to grow, I’m optimistic about performing well.”

With two weeks leading up to the tournament, team Wildcard is making good use of the time they have left to train and hone their skills. Every member of Wildcard’s League team has the dedication and ambition to go pro, and they’re preparing to make Wichita a tour de force.

“Wichita is a tournament that’s getting hype, and if the hype gets us noticed then going pro becomes just a little bit easier” said Sudzzi, “we’re all hoping to get on academy teams, but since we’re open to play it makes sense to keep on going [as a team].”

Clyde, in particular, is excited for Wichita. “I have kind of a solo que reputation.” he said, “I want to prove [people] wrong. I want to show them that I can do well on the competitive scene.” And Clyde is definitely going to get his chance.  Both Hacioglu and the team agree that Wichita has serious competition in the form of Zenith and the two collegiate powerhouses, Columbia College and Maryville University.

Tensions are high, and with professional ambition, personal accomplishment, and $20,000 on the line, Wildcard is gearing up for Wichita and the 2018 season of League. To keep up-to-date with the League team’s latest progress and Wildcard’s latest news, visit Wildcard’s site and follow on Twitter at @Wildcard_GG.