Wildcard signs the #1 ranked Brawlhalla Player: Wrenchd!

It’s a new year and -just in case you missed the big announcement– Wildcard Gaming is coming into 2018 swinging, literally. Wildcard is breaking into Brawlhalla with the newest member of its family, Zach “Wrenchd” Gundersen.

Having just completed his first full competition year, Wrenchd has made it clear that he’s a serious contender, placing top 10 in a dozen tournaments and finishing 2017 by brawling his way to the Winner’s Quarter-Final of the Brawlhalla World Championship this past November. Although youngest and newest to the team, Wrenchd comes to Wildcard with an impressive track record, incredible dedication, and a hell-of-a lot of talent, and the company already has high opinions and hopes for him.

“Wrenchd is a talented young Brawlhalla player with a good head on his shoulders and a professional attitude at a young age – you don’t see that often in eSports.” Says Ben Merritt, Co-owner of Wildcard Gaming, “I think this sponsorship will set Wrenchd up for long-term success in his Brawlhalla career, and I like the ambitious goals he has set for himself for 2018.”

Wrenchd’s resolution this year is to climb from top the 10s to the top 3s, and he’s eagerly awaiting the beginning of this year’s circuit. “I feel like last year was full of building blocks for me; figuring out what the best way to improve was and experimenting with a lot of different strategies,” he said. “This year I’m trying to improve on everything, in the game and mentally.”  To help Wrenchd achieve his goals, Nathan “Taco” Troutman -Wildcard’s talent acquisition advisor- will be managing Wildcard’s Brawlhalla operations.

Success in the tournament circuit will mean an invitation back to the Brawlhalla World Championship, a 32-player double elimination tournament held at BCX. “BCX last year was a really good experience for me,” Wrenchd said “This year I’m putting in double the effort. My goal for 2018 is to place top 3 consistently, but I really want to win.”

A master of close combat and aerial control, Wrenchd’s matches are adrenaline filled showstoppers. If you haven’t already seen him play you should check out his Twitch stream, which runs Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9 – 1030 PM EST.

Also, be sure to keep up-to-date on upcoming tournaments and the latest news by visiting Wildcard Gaming’s website, and through Twitter at @Wildcard_GG and @Wrenchdee.