This past weekend in World of Warcraft Arena you can probably guess what our team was up against? Did you guess… Rogue Mage Druid? It’s been the bane to our competitive WoW existence this month and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet. So we’re working on a fix- Improvise, adapt, and overcome. This weekend proved that we’re still a force to be reckoned with!


Unlike the last few weeks we did not have a first match BYE and instead we played against GameChairOrAfk which was an easy 3-0 sweep that took us into a similar set in match two against Otlov Team, taking them 3-0 as well. It wasn’t until match three where we faced off against Diabolus that we began to have some push back! In match three we played a full 5 games against our kryptonite, the Rogue Mage Druid. However, we did better than we have been against the composition and held our own in 2 of the games.


Eventually we fell to Diaoblus and were knocked into the lower bracket, set to fight against nLite which we took a clean 3-0 win against. Following nLite we again faced some push back, this time from Change My Mind as the dreaded Rogue Mage Druid combo came back to haunt us! But wait… What’s this? In match two of the lower bracket Wildcard finally beat our bane! With 5 long games we seemed to figure it out, winning against the RMD with our own team composition that had Twitch chat very confused: Warrior Mage Druid.


We took this momentum into the Loser’s Finals against Method Black who again brought the Rogue Mage Druid to the table. With another match that went into a full 5 games it’s starting to seem like our Warrior Mage Druid combo is working! While we eventually lost, our DPS into late game dampening just not enough- We did tie for 3rd place with Change My Mind. After this weekend’s games we know one thing is for sure: We’re onto something!

Moving into next weekend’s games we have to be sure to stay focused. There’s a lot riding on perfecting our Warrior Mage Druid composition and while we did much better than we have been- We still need to step it up! Our goal is to stay in the top three and it’s certainly looking within arm’s reach.


You can watch the games next weekend live here Until then, check out our influencers here and snag your own #stackthedeck emote on Twitch!


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