As January 22nd draws closer, the guild prepares for what they believe will be the most competitive tier ever for Wildcard Gaming. The World First Mythic race has always been extremely competitive and last tier (Uldir) the race and even more importantly, the rivalry, was all viewable for the first time by fans all around the world. “


Wildcard Gaming’s US 2nd World of Warcraft Raiding Guild was a dominating force last year and was lead by Guild Master and Raid Leader, Sean “TMSean” Silva, and Officers Timothy “Lumi” Becker, Paul “Ataxus” London, and Josh “Driney” Clarey.


“We are constantly in preparation outside of every raid tier,” says Sean. “We consistently maintain 3+ characters and if you want to compete with the big boys, having 3 options so all bases are essentially covered is a must. Let’s say we get to a fight where we need 10 Warlocks, well then we have 10 Warlocks. Even small advantages are massive in a world first race.” Silva continued.


The guilds at the highest level, like Wildcard Gaming, are very hard to get into. Not only must you be very skilled overall at the character you play and the game itself, but a raider must be equally as talent on several different characters. TMSean confirms that if a raider is not at at least 90-95% on a secondary character, they will not be considered for Mythic content and in most cases, the guild itself. “Top 5 is the goal for Battle for Dazar’ Alor, top 3 in the tier after that, and then by the end of 2019 we are shooting for world first. This kind of push is only possible if every raider is the best of the best out there and we are very thorough in our recruitment and try out process,” finished Silva.


Wildcard Gaming World of Warcraft is gearing up for the World First Mythic Race starting with the first week of Heroic Progression on the 22nd of January, 2019. We achieved the World’s First Heroic G’Huun kill in Uldir (last raid tier), can we do it again? Watch and find out live next Tuesday!


Follow the team on Twitter , visit them on there New Page, and check out the streams live for the 4 week Mythic event starting this Tuesday until February 12th! For Wildcard and FOR AZEROTH!!! #WCWIN

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