In mid 2018 Wildcard stepped into the world of Fortnite picking up three Swedish players; Oscar ‘Povsy’ Stenberg, Daniel ‘AlphaAmons’ Johansson and Viggo ‘Bowman’ Hahnsson. They joined the organization as aspiring professional players focused on becoming some of Fortnite’s top talent.

As they practiced and became accustomed to the Wildcard culture personalities meshed and a friendship was born. A lot of great memories were made throughout 2018 with the Wildcard Fortnite team. The PUBG vacation where our Fortnite and PUBG team enjoyed late night downtown escapades of Stockholm where memes were made and lots of laughter took place. Pax West and the huge success the team had there representing EU and helping put EU Fortnite on the map. Twitchcon where a 2 week adventure through California highlighted the end to a successful first year of competitive Fortnite for our players and organization.

Sadly in 2019 Wildcard is pivoting from EU Fortnite to focus on other internal projects to start the new year. We will continue with our NA Fortnite offering with Reeloads and look to bolster our NA Fortnite lineup through the coming months.

Wildcard would like to thank Povsy, AlphaAmons and Bowman for all their accomplishments in 2018 playing under the Wildcard banner. They joined our organization as aspiring professionals and they leave as friends and well respected professionals in EU Fortnite.

Cheers to what will surely be an amazing 2019 for the three of you.


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