Wildcard Gaming was established in April of 2017 to fill the need for professionalism inside amateur League of Legends. With immediate success in developing we quickly branched out to other games at a professional level. We give players the resources and support necessary for them to achieve their goals and maximize their skillset. Our company fields several teams that compete on a global level, influencers and a brand that resonates inside the esport community. We know how to win and have created a culture around that over the years. Wildcards focus is to further develop our brand in North America along with other emerging markets globally.


Esports is a rapidly growing industry set to hit 1.2 Billion in revenue this year. It is quickly becoming one of the most accepted and popular global sports with over 2.5 billion people playing games today.





Over all social media platforms we have more than 50,000 global followers and subscribers, giving our players, influencers, and fans every opportunity to be a part of our journey. Our website is home to weekly articles that go into detailed write ups about recent matches, interviews with our Pros and Influencers alike, as well as in game guides to get the edge on the competition.

Wildcard looks to strategically expand our esport portfolio by entering additional titles that will increase market share and revenues. We are also in the process of creating unique and engaging content strategies that will be a desirable marketing strategy for future partners. Lastly we are expanding our portfolio and creating a tech application that will help further develop the esport industry as a whole.

“The waves of changes propel advancement.”

Zoltan Andrejkovics

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