This past Weekend Wildcard Gaming kicked off the EU Summer cup in style. The start of the summer cup is the 7th of 12 installments and it marks our halfway point on the exciting road to BlizzCon. It’s safe to say we have effectively set the tone for our gameplay and goals over the next 5 weeks of competitions. As you know our World of Warcraft Arena team has been back and forth with Method Black Cup after Cup- In total, point wise, we are in 2nd and well within striking distance of first place! This past weekend we settled some gitters and made our way to a well deserved 3rd place overall.

The first round of the Weekend was a BYE and it of course lead us to round two where our team faced off with Plot Twist. Wildcard won 3 to 1 and moved onto round three against Change My Mind where we met a difficult set of games. While we took the first match, which was a fairly long one, Change My Mind’s Rogue Mage Druid proved to be a challenge for the team and it ultimately sent us to the Loser’s Bracket.


In the Loser’s Bracket Wildcard had a clean 3-0 sweep against Choccy Milk Men in round four and then again against Zizon in round five. As you may know our team composition has proven to be a difficult one to beat, sweeping top seeded teams only to be challenged by Change My Mind who we met again in round six.

As we entered the loser’s finals we knew what mistakes we made and dove deep to correct them. Yet, to our surprise- Much like round three’s matchup, both teams created very long rounds. The games delved deep into dampening which gave both sides a strong late game. While Wildcard put up an extremely good fight, we were unable to punish Change My Mind and as a result the matchup ended 3-2, in their favor.


By taking 3rd place it keeps us in the hunt for overall points and solidifies our presence within the top 8 as we move further into the Summer Finals. Next week we aim to improve and execute, making the needed changes to combat whatever combo we are presented with. We’re proud of the podium finish, which earned us points and dollar signs, however next week we hope to be on top of the podium.

Tune in next Friday, June 21st and Sunday June 23rd  at 1:00PM EST to watch the second Summer Cup live at Show your #stackthedeck pride with your Wildcard Twitch emote and if you haven’t already check out our Influencers at Oh and most importantly- Check out our sponsors! They do so much to support our teams and help make this possible. Give them a visit here and get yourself some swag, or stop by our store and grab some exclusive WC merch!



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