In the World of Warcraft Arena the Rogue Mage Druid meta is strong and, unfortunately, it is Wildcard’s kryptonite. This past weekend our team played in AWC EU Summer Cup #2, the 8th weekend of 12 on the long road to BlizzCon. While our team composition and players are still strong it seems until the meta shifts we’re going to need to find some sort of fix.

Much like last weekend our team started the games off with a BYE, sending us directly into round 2. We had an easy 3-0 sweep against DHDK Nation, proving that Wildcard can not only hang with top seeded teams but demolish them without much trouble. It wasn’t until round 3 against Method Black that we met our Achilles heel once again- The Rogue Mage Druid. While our composition could certainly challenge theirs, it still wasn’t enough to beat the meta.

After the challenging games against Method Black we were knocked into the Loser’s Bracket where we faced off with Choccy Milk Men, another team running our weakness. While we took one win against them in the end the meta got us, yet again. The match ended at 1-3, placing us in 6th for the Summer Cup #2.


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