The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship EU Cup #6 is said and done.  Putting Wildcard one step closer to Blizzcon! We had some intense games on this weekend’s journey, but we’re still finding the Rogue Mage Druid, RMD, to be our indefinite kryptonite. With a lot of hard work and focus from our team they pulled themselves from the hard-to-counter rubble and found a fighting chance. At the end of the day that chance landed them a spot in the LAN Summer Finals on September 21st, 2019!

As we’ve seen many times before our round one was a BYE, rolling us directly into round two where we faced Otlov Team. Here we took total command with an easy 3-0 sweep. Following our warm up, however, we met with Method Black in round three and this proved to be quite the challenge.

The first two games we had no luck running our composition of Warrior Mage Druid vs their RMD and moving into game three the crowd appeared to have their brooms out so we knew there needed to be a change. We brought out a NA fan favorite, DK Monk Druid, and found luck in games three and four. However, in the final game we got pinched for mana and ultimately lost the DPS race, landing us in the Lower Bracket.

In the lower bracket we seeded up with Zizon who was, unfortunately, already at a heavy disadvantage as one of their core team members were not able to play and.both teams needed a win to secure a spot in the summer finals. While they still put up a valiant effort Wildcard was on top of things with Monk, Warrior, Shaman that took the Round, 3-0. Winning this moved us forward into Sunday’s Finals  and put us one step closer on our #roadtoblizzcon!

In the next set of games for the weekend Wildcard faced off against Change My Mind, another difficult RMD matchup. We pulled out the DK, Monk, Druid once more as it seemed to give us success against Method Black on Friday, but for Change My Mind there was no avail. They took games one and two and to everyone’s surprise they switch up their comp in game three, which gave us a chance. Allowing us to take the third game with hardly any problem. Game four had everyone with a lot of focus- There was no more experimenting! The RMD came back out for Change My Mind; Playing out in their favor they were able to take deep into dampening with a mana advantage. With little mana and no opportunity to sneak a drink in the pressure was on and we fell first, and for the last time this season.

All and all, even through some of the difficult games we faced this weekend, Wildcard secured a spot in the Summer Finals as EU’s 4th seed. We have nearly two months to get things together and come back better than ever! We’re beyond excited to be one step closer to Blizzcon and we’re confident we can make it there. And who knows? Maybe Blizzard will put out that RMD nerf we’re so desperately hoping for.

We have a long break between now the the Summer Finals and just like you we’ll surely be itching for something to watch. Until then, check out our Stream Team and show them some love. They put out quality content daily and it’s certainly some grade A entertainment to hold you over until the Summer Cup. See you in September, and keep repping that #stackthedeck pride!



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