Today I had a chance to sit down with the newest addition to the Wildcard Family.  Barokoshama is an influencer that spends his days live streaming and creating content for his Youtube channel.   He has been a content creator for over 2 years with a following of 5,766 Youtube Subs and over 8,422 Twitch followers.  His content focuses on WoW Mythic plus and Elemental Shaman gameplay.  He holds the number 2 Mythic+ Score for all Shamans in the world, so without wasting any more time I give you, the one, the only, Barokoshama!!!


Is Barokoshama your first online persona or was there something before the wow character?

You know I never thought of it at a persona cus I dont really change who I am when I'm online. But If I were going to put a name together back then I think it would have been Kyebric.


Why elemental Shaman?

Elemental Shaman has a weird history of being either really strong or really weak, there never has had a good reputation throughout the course of WoW. I like to play the class that I enjoy the most rather than play the Flavor of the month or meta I guess.


If Blizzard completely removed elemental shaman from the game what would be your next favorite class to play?

I guess it would be a Mage cus its pretty similar to the esthetic or lore of the Shaman. Fun animations and engaging gameplay.


Have you ever tried skiing?

Yes and I got a concussion the first time i tried it. I've since moved on to the more dangerous winter sport: Snowboarding.


Your bio says you like to sing and play guitar, have either of those talents found their way on stream in one way or another?

I haven't in a long time but I used to Sing Happy Birthday to my viewers and other various songs, watch the BibleThumps scroll through chat.


If yes, link to the vod?

YOU link a vod!


What does your family think about online streaming and being an influencer in general?

Well when I started they weren't very supportive since they didn't have a bigger understanding of what it could result to. They used to associate gaming with obsession or addiction, and I'll admit I definitely had an addiction to World of Warcraft when I was younger. As I have gotten older though I was able to help my family have a better understanding for the community and the job that streaming and being an influencer could turn into.


What would be your dream job other than streaming?

Well outside of streaming I enjoy long walks on the beach and sleeping, I would love to be a Professional Matress Tester.


Who are some of the influencer you looked up to prior to finding your self in front or behind the camera?

Some other streamers/influencers that I used to watch were Sloot (back when he was Slootbag) Bahjeera, and Sodapoppin when he played wow, PepeHands.


Do any of your friends outside of the stream call you Barok?

My guild friends have been calling me Barok for 6 years now, so back when I didn't stream them haha.


What’s the strangest thing that has ever happened to you while streaming?

Well imagine full Ottawa Winter cold and still getting on to stream. I was in all the layers, and I still looked good. My apartment had no heat for about a week in the middle of the winter, I was still committed to stream.


How did you find Wildcard Gaming?

My good friend Will actually reached out to me and got me on board with you guys!


Anything you would like to tell your fans and those that have just stumbled on the article and learned about you?

I say this a lot to people coming to my stream and learning about the game if they have never played it before. If a specific class or spec really speaks to you even though its not meta, play it to the best of your ability. Because what matters most is how you enjoy the game you play.


You can catch Barokoshama on Youtube or streaming weekdays/weekends starting at 2PM EST!



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