Barokoshama: Ny'Alotha, Race to Worlds First

Wildcard has an all star team of influencers, and if you didn’t know some of them get into some pretty cool stuff when they’re not streaming. Like Barokoshama! Barok has been invited to commentate on the Progression Race, held by Method, for the newest World of Warcraft raid tier, Ny’Alotha. Ny’Alotha is the last raid tier, released in patch 8.3 “Visions of N’Zoth”, for the expansion “Battle For Azeroth”.

We’re super excited for Barok and so we wanted to pick his brain a bit on his first time commentating and analyzing such and event. “[I’m looking forward to] the experience! [I’m] excited to see everyone from the community. A little nervous about analyzing for the first time, but overall [I’m] very excited!” He told us. We’re sure you’re going to kill it, man!

With all new content comes new struggles and new mechanics. One of the big questions we have revolved around such facts. We wanted to know what Barok’s thoughts were around the bosses: “[I think guilds may get stuck on] Dark Inquisitor Zanish. It’s a lot of individual jobs and it can be pretty unforgiving. [I predict] at least 350 [wipes before the last boss]…”

The race to beat N’Zoth, the final boss of Ny’Alotha, has been some long awaited content. Blizzard has planted the seeds for his arrival as far back as Cataclysm in 2010. It’s safe to assume that everyone is itching to get their gear and especially that cinematic! But who will finish it first? “I’m going to guess Method, because of their consistent history.” Barok said. “[And] maybe some come up guilds such as Big Dumb Guild and Future…”  

Good luck from your Wildcard family, Barok! 

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