Wildcard recently added a new member to our Stream Team and I don’t know if you knew- But he’s amazing! I’d like to take this time to formally introduce and welcome Bebe872, the #1 ranked Dota Underlords player in the world. Bebe is new to the streaming scene but he’s taken off very quickly, gaining 20,000+ followers in just a few months time. Believe me when I tell you that this isn’t just from his skill in DAC, Bebe is quite easily one of the nicest people you will ever talk to! He truly cares about his viewers and does his best to talk with anyone who stops by his stream!

I got to sit down and chat with Bebe and ask him a few questions about his time playing Dota Underlords, his career in streaming, and a bit about his personal life. Bebe is super original, authentic, and humble- You’ll see it in his answers. I hope you enjoy this incredibly wholesome interview as much as I did!

How has it been working with Wildcard so far?
Its my first team so I’m happy someone reached out to provide me with some advice~! Especially Taco, Wolfy, Ash, Matt, Griff, they all take wonderful interest in their team members and try their best to help out. Matt helped provide me with some emotes from a cartoon artist which was an amazing experience and Griff is like my mentor in negotiating sponsorships with other companies.

How did you start streaming? Was it only to stream DOTA Underlords?
Yes, I started streaming in February, the season when autochess started. I used to study accounting a few years before that but I just wasn’t sure if that’s what I wanted to do with my life~ So I just tried it out. I had a lot of supporters it somehow went okay it kept growing and as soon as I thought it could be sustainable I kind of decided to invest a few years into it~! So it just started out as a blind passion of something that I admired or loved to do from a young age- Gaming!

What did you play before DOTA Underlords?
I used to play this and that I guess~! Famous online games would be stuff like League of Legends and Hearthstone. Besides those PC games such as Age of Mythology/Empire and Nintendo Games like Fire Emblem and Pokemon~!

When your not playing DOTA Underlords what are you playing?
Mmmm actually Im not really playing much besides that. Too many things to do. But I am planning on playing Magic the Gathering Arena recently due to a sponsorship offer that is due this months 26th~!

How did you start playing DOTA Underlords? How long have you been playing for?
Yes, I started Dota Autochess in February, I think Underlords started in June, but I think I started in July/August. Don’t remember the exact date though it was around when DAC was declared dead and had to choose between TFT and underlords~!

Any advice for someone new to the game?
Mm! I have been trying to make guides for beginners to help interact with the game so they won’t be too frustrated from the beginning and quit the game. The most important aspect is to learn builds- Like think of building decks in hearthstone.

The second most important aspect is economy. Know exactly how to manage your gold. Gold is probably the aspect people are awkward about because I don’t really know of any games that implement such a system. So understanding Interest Gold Points, Why it is important, How other people manage their economy should be crucial for beginners! Because you need gold to find cool 3 and 4 cost 3 * upgrades! It should feel the best if they can find them.

What do you think is the hardest aspect of the game?Positioning has got to be the hardest. The results of each fight is different every single time and almost impossible to calculate prehand. Its a factor that requires intuition/experience to work out so it should be the most confusing to newcomers.

If you could change or add anything to the game what would it be? Why?
Currently, the meta has 2 issues that could be concerning or stressful to certain players.

1. Is the fact that there is a build that is almost stronger than every other build (a Level 10 Ace Comp) so if you hard eco and manage to find that build you could almost be undefeatable late game – but finding that build itself is rng related so it can be stressful if you want 1st place! People might just spam the same build every time which makes the game bland and boring.

2. The second issue is that other builds focus on finding 3 star units but finding 3 stars is also unreliable and sometimes just doesn’t show up in the game no matter how much gold you roll. It can make people frustrated and rage at the potential RNG factor. I think it’s better if we could allow a diversity of builds, by not making a singular build too powerful and by allowing 3 star upgrades to be easier everybody could have a more interesting game experience!

What needs a nerf? What needs a buff?
Mmm right now Druids are being looked down on mainly because one of the druids, Furion, is actually quite underperforming! Maybe they could make Furion summon a number of more treants per upgrade level to make him stronger? It would be nice if there was an additional bonus to the 4 druid synergy as well! Because they don’t stay strong long enough to be worth the investment. A nerf~ hmm~ I think Lich is a problem late game? Lich 2 Star with refresher in 6 mages just kills everything by himself usually. So it does feel kind of impossible to deal with sometimes…

Any advice for someone trying to become a successful streamer?From me? I don’t know what is a successful streamer is? Don’t think I’m at a level where I can give tips regarding that… Luck is a really important factor? Never underestimate meeting the right people and having people who want to support your content. I guess if you just really like what your doing your on the right track. Stuff like money or personal satisfaction- There will always be a way to figure it out~! So just keep doing what you want to do I guess :3

Anything you’d like to say to your viewers and fans?Thank you very much for watching my content and supporting me. I will keep trying my best to provide value and information regarding Underlords!

Weather you’re interested in DAC or not Bebe is always pleasant to watch. If you’re not already following him you should head over to his Twitch, https://www.twitch.tv/bebe872

, and hit that follow button as soon as possible. If you catch him live show some #stackthedeck love and let him know Wildcard sent you!


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