The 2019 season of Brawlhalla is coming to a close and this weekend we will watch it’s conclusion. It was surely an exciting year with matches that left the audience on the edge of their seats, upset after upset. With BCX starting tomorrow there are high hopes that this weekend is going to leave us all amazed! I’m sure everyone is looking forward to what’s in store. Safe to say- Both Sandstorm and wrenchd been working hard and preparing for this all year. Who will take the title?

To refresh everyone’s memory, the last LAN we watched the Wildcard boys play in was Dreamhack Rotterdam. Wrenchd placed 5th in singles and 13th in doubles with duos partner Blood Diamond. During singles, wrenchd did in fact bring out some more Lucian plays and showed us what he was capable of with a Legend he had just picked up only about a month prior. Will we see some more blasters this weekend? Or will wrenchd head back to his Asuri roots?

As for Sandstorm he placed 3rd in singles and 2nd with his duo partner Tempo Storm’s Boomie. It was definitely a surprise to everyone but he put up a good fight with his Fait and Mordex. We even saw a few matches with Petra, which was certainly interesting to see. Sandstorm never ceases to amaze the crowd and same goes to wrenchd!

There is a lot to look forward to during BCX. Will Sandstorm show us some more Petra plays and become champion once again? Will wrenchd bring out Lucian’s blasters? You can watch all of it unfolded live here. Let’s show these boys all of the #stackthedeck pride we’ve had all year round and show them support at what will surely be an exciting weekend!

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