Brawlhalla has come to an end for the year and we have all learned one undeniable fact: 2019 was the year of the Sandstorm. We watched both Wildcard pros play some insane games in singles and doubles, but in the end the Brawlhalla community saw something that has never been done before! Sandstorm made history, winning the Singles World Championship for the second time in a row and taking home the Doubles World Championship gold with Tempo Storm’s Boomie. Dreamhack Atlanta was a Wildcard weekend through and through.

In doubles we watched wrenchd and Cosolix take a spot in the top 8, surprising many considering they pair teamed up only a couple months ago. However, since then they’ve been making waves with wrenchd’s immense technical knowledge and Cosolix’s impressive lance play. The duo came in 5th place over all, an excellent end to their year and a great start to the next.

On the other side of Wildcard Sandstorm and Boomie tore through their competition, boasting a new mindset: Go into every game expecting to lose. Apparently the shift in their usually cocky and relaxed gameplay paid off as it took them all the way through the bracket with an 88% win rate- Losing only once to ithrowow and Lil Capped in the Winner’s Finals. The team climbed their way out of the lower bracket and into the Grand Finals where they pushed back at the team who defeated them only an hour earlier. BoomStorm reset the bracket, 3-0, and took home the gold in a monumental 3-1 win! Congratulations to both teams, they put on a good show.

Over in singles was where many of this weekend’s upsets took place. Big names were taken out early in the competition, setting the tone for the rest of the bracket and effectively paving the way for names to look out for next year. But one fact remained constant: Sandstorm own the Brawlhalla pro scene. The monster of a player tore through his opponents, climbing his way into the grand finals with a 100% win rate- All on a Legend we may not have expected: Fait. Is the gauntlet pro, famous for his grad A Mordex, now an Orb main? Whatever the case- Sandstorm absolutely demolished the singles pool and earned his title of the best Brawlhalla player in the world!

At the end of the insane weekend (and year) Wildcard couldn’t be more proud of both our players. They continuously showed us their skill, talent, and knowledge of the game and we can not wait to see what they have in store for everyone next year. Until then, you can get your Brawlhalla pro fix from wrenchd who always provides quality content through his livestreams and YouTube– And Soon you can watch Sandstorm live, too! Keep repping that #stackthedeck pride and we’ll see you in 2020!

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