Brawlhalla is a fast paced 2D platform fighting game with a multitude of different Legends having unique identities and play styles to choose from. You can play as some of your favorite cartoon characters to relive some childhood nostalgia,  like Finn and Jake from Adventure Time- Or even play as your favorite professional wrestler like John Cena or Xavier Woods, just to name a few. If you’ve lived under a rock for all of 2019 you may be asking what makes this game so important to Wildcard?  Well, you see… We’re kind of a big deal in the Brawlhalla community. Or, at least, our player Sandstorm, the number one Brawlhalla player in the world is.

In 2019 there was a total of twenty singles tournaments between North America and Europe, with a total of nine different winners between them. Through these twenty tournaments Wildcard took home the gold in seventeen of them. We watched, on numerous occasions, what became known as “Wildcard Grand Finals”- A battle between two of the arguably best Brawlhalla players of 2019, Sandstorm and wrenchd.

But that was just singles! Even in doubles we watched our talented players take home podium win after win- Further establishing Wildcard as the King of Brawlhalla. Through the year Sandstorm wowed the community with partner Boomie of Tempo Storm. The duo was nearly unbeatable- Only losing first place a handful of times.

This, paired with Sandstorm’s solo skill, cemented him into the Brawlhalla Professional Esports history books as he took home BCX gold in Singles for the second year in a row- And then took home gold in duos, too! He is the powerhouse you hope you’d never have to play against and his immense talent will surely bring him years or recognition.

Through the year we watched our players grow, their taste in Legends growing with them. Sandstorm is known for his Mordex but we also got to see a lot of Lin Fei and some crazy cannon strings, and then we were treated to the pro’s orb play with Fait towards the end of the year. If we learned anything, it’s that when  we spoke with Sandstorm back in July  and he said “I want a scythe cannon legend so badly. I would feel mentally unstoppable with that pick! My two best weapons!” He wasn’t lying. If it happens it’s GGs- We’re all doomed.

On the other hand we also saw wrenchd pick up some interesting Legends aside from his always impressive Asuri play. That boy is a katar mastermind- Even after the big nerf he still managed to dominate! Towards the end of the year we were treated with some Lucien play, though. Blasters/katars op? If you missed his gameplay with The Highway Man then you should certainly go back and check it out!

But what was our players doing when they weren’t practicing or traveling for their next big Tournament? Well we got to watch Sandstorm shock the Smash Ultimate community on several different occasions- Inserting himself almost seamlessly into their world and even dominating! We saw the Brawlhalla pro take top 10 in multiple different LANs, effectively riling up the Smash plays just a bit… I mean, how could you not be a little tilted with a crowd of Brawlhalla fans cheering on your opponent who isn’t even known for playing your game? TLDR: Sandstorm is an absolute mad lad.

If you didn’t know, wrenchd’s YouTube and Twitch definitely took off- His content is A+ and extremely helpful for Brawlhalla players of any caliber. He’s been working hard at putting out videos on a regular basis, extending his expert knowledge with his fans and really anyone who’s looking for the help! Not to mention he’s extremely entertaining and great to chat with! 

Aside from these personal endeavors we’re proud to say that they both individually ran some amazing charity streams through our partner Sofgiving and effectively raised over $1300 for their favorite nonprofits. With prizes for top donators like private one on one Brawlhalla sessions, all the way to wrenchd eating a raw onion live– The boys really killed it and we’re so proud of them!

Based on 2019 we’re sure 2020 is going to be crazy! We can’t wait to see what Sandstorm and wrenchd will do but if we learned anything, it’s that they’re the best of the best and the new year looks bright! Until then, happy holidays and we’ll see you for some more Brawlhalla next year. 

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Wildcard Gaming is a leading Esports brand aiming to to stabilize the uncertainty involved with the Esports industry. Wildcard has professional rosters in a variety of titles including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, World of Warcraft, and Brawlhalla. Welcome to the elite- Wildcard is here to dominate Esports at a Global Level. Join us, be a part of our family. #stackthedeck


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