It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for: DreamHack Rotterdam is upon us! Sandstorm and wrenchd head to Rotterdam, Netherlands to (hopefully) take the trophy of this weekend’s tournaments. Though as usual only one team and one person can be victorious in singles and doubles- Will it be wrenchd who is on a 4 win streak in singles? Will new duos partner Blood Diamond be the winning factor in doubles? Or will Sandstorm take vengeance and win back the throne in singles? Either way we’re sure this weekend will be an exciting one!

At the last tournament, the Brawlhalla Autumn Championships, wrenchd  (who you may know as arguably the best Asuri player in the world) took 1st while playing Lucien, who he had picked up just last month. Joining him in Dreamhack Rotterdam will be his new duo partner, Blood Diamond, who has been playing for as long as he has- If not longer. I’m sure everyone is curious to see if wrenchd will pull out that Lucien again and make some more memorable plays. Blasters and katars op?

DreamHack Rotterdam is not one you want to miss! Every tournament this year has had a Wildcard finish and we’re gunning for another! Come tune in and watch the guys live right here on October 18th. Let’s show them some love and support and flash that #stackthedeck pride! It is definitely going to be a wild one.

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