Wildcard still sits atop of the Brawlhalla throne as we took two more wins over the weekend at the Autumn Summer Championships! As always our professional players wrenchd and Sandstorm dominated yet again, with little surprise, in singles and doubles. While the tournament was your typical online Seasonal we did see some unique plays that generated some topics to discuss.

Did you catch wrenchd’s Lucien play?

On Saturday we watched singles, but there was a little bit of a twist- Not only did wrenchd dedicate time and learn Lucien over the last two weeks he did it so effectively that he was able to exclusively play Lucien. He took the blasters/katars Legend against players who were known for their blasters play, or even more specifically their Lucien play, and WIN. The Brawlhalla mastermind was able to not only change things up from his typical and expected Asuri, but do it so well that he took home the gold- His 4th win in a row! 

While Saturday was all about wrenchd Sunday was definitely one for the boomstorm! We watched the notorious and terrifying duo that is Sandstorm and Tempo Storm’s boomie once again own the brackets. Even when the team was knocked into Losers they managed to climb out with ease. Can you imagine being knocked into the lower bracket only to play two of the top three players in the world? Ouch. After a long day and climb back into the winners side they not only won but did it in an easy 6-0 against Noble’s Phazon and Lazarus’s Remmy. Congrats, boys!

We won’t see much Brawlhalla until mid October when the guys head out to Dreamhack Rotterdam, so until then you should do yourself a favor and check out wrenchd’s YouTube content. He’s been insanely consistent in his quality and I promise you’ll leave learning something new about Brawlhalla gameplay. Oh, and did you know Sandstorm is currently in the running to play at the Smash Ultimate Summit 2? Help us get him there and give him some votes!


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