Wildcard had a wild year in Brawlhalla, pun intended. From wrenchd obtaining his first victory at SHINE 2019, to Sandstorm winning singles and doubles in BCX (You’ll be able to read more about that tomorrow!). Both players had an amazing year and before it’s over we wanted to take a closer look at some of our favorite plays. To help us decipher and go in depth on the plays we sat down with wrenchd, who was kind enough to break them down for us. 

During the 3rd round of grand finals at SHINE 2019 we watched wrenchd and Sandstorm duke it out. The stocks where 1-1, and it was already 2 – 0 in Sandstorm’s favor. He only needed to win one more round for it to reset the bracket. Although, when someone is 2-0 against you it really “messes with your mental reads”. Wrenchd told us, “Getting the K.O was the hard part. It was just an out-of-nowhere read… Winning the 3rd round was a confidence boost which really increased my mindset.”

The winning didn’t stop there. SHINE 2019 just kept getting crazier! Once wrenchd scored a win in the 3rd round he secured round 4, nailing the win with a GC n-sig on sword- Efficiently evening up the stocks once again. After some off stage play wrenchd knew that Sandstorm was trying to find the best and safest option to get back onto the stage. With some careful reads of his opponent he was able to determine what would knock out the Mordex powerhouse.

This last clip was definitely one of those edge-of-your seat plays were once again the stocks were 1-1. We watched wrenchd edge guard against Sandstorm- He knew the champ was going to try and get back on stage. With that thought in mind he kept a mass amount of pressure on the edge just waiting for the right moment. “On sword, your main kill option is dlight on recovery…” wrenchd explained- That is almost exactly what he did as he pulled off this expertly predicted recovery against Sandstorm! 

It is moments like these that show us how skilled and how hard Brawlhalla players work to get to where they are, especially our Wildcard players. It was a very exciting moment to see wrenchd get his first major LAN victory. 2019 maybe be over for Wildcard’s Brawlhalla, but we have high hopes that there is more to be expected coming in 2020. In the downtime you can watch your favorite games live through our Stream Team– Check them out and show them some  #stackthedeck pride!

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