This year’s Blizzcon was a heart stopping series. It left everyone at the edge of their seats with every match that went by, especially during the grand finals between the top two European powerhouses- Method Black and Wildcard. Both teams did an amazing job keeping each other on their toes and putting up a fight for that world championship spot. In the end, Wildcard scored a close 2nd place with the final points being 4 – 3!

In the 5th match between the two teams we saw a stunned and awe struck the crowd. The map of choice was our pick, Blade’s Edge Arena. We ran a  Warrior/Monk/Mage comp against the dreaded comp of Rogue/Mage/Druid. Safe to say, our boys took that match home with this clutch play they pulled off onto Method Black’s Raiku, as Blizo had a go on him.

Let’s take a look at this play a bit closer and see if we can break it down.

The team had great communication and synergy to the very end. As the match progressed further and further into dampening, healing his teammates became almost worthless. Once Loony started to run out of mana and the healing reduction reached a high 53% it was go time!

The guys needed to think fast against this power house RMD comp- Make a go or all was likelly lost. That’s when Maro found the perfect opening, getting a polymorph in on Whaazz to kick the fight off. While the polymorph was cleansed right away it provided Blizo the split second opportunity to close the gap between himself and a very low health Raiku with no ice block or cold snap to use.

Even as Blizo himself dropped to 10% health he knew that he had some cool downs ready to use. Loony also managed to get a heal off with the little mana he had reserved. As Blizo charged Raiku he clutched a disarm on Whaaz preventing any kidney shots. On the connect we watched Blizo use pummel to lock Raiku out of Arcane, preventing cc from a polymorph or a blink to create some distance- Effectively preventing Raiku from doing anything at all.

After the fight dissipated Blizo was still on point with his skillful gameplay, using Commanding Shout to save himself and prevent the match from rolling into a 2v2. Analyzing this heart stopping play gave us a clear indicator on one sure fire thing: Blizo is, in fact, the best Warrior in the world. With his healer out of mana and Maro stuck in a cyclone for the whole fight Blizo played flawlessly and sealed this win for Wildcard.

Overall we had an amazing weekend full of amazing plays- If you haven’t watched it yet it’s definitely one to review. Did you like this play break down? Let us know on Twitter! Tag us in some of your favorite Wildcard clips and maybe you’ll see it here next! As always, thanks for your support- Keep repping that #stackthedeck pride.

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