Blizzcon 2019 is finally upon us and Wildcard’s WoW Arena team took home a ticket for the Global Finals! During the Summer finals they dominated the competition placing 3rd and securing their ticket to Blizzcon. It was definitely an edge-of-your-seat moment especially when they went up against their nemesis, Diabolus and the dreaded Rogue Mage Druid. Though, they turned an impossible into memorable victory. Congratulations boys!

With Summer Finals now behind us the team now looks forward to Blizzcon where 8 teams will fight to be the World Champions. The team has been to multiple Blizzcons in the past and worked we know they’ll play their best this year, too.

As much of this season has gone, we anticipate that the RMD comp will continue to make things difficult. When we spoke to the team’s healer, Loony, he explained to us why RMD was a big deal, saying “The meta was against us from the start. We didn’t have any good comps because they don’t exist vs RMD… [however] We are used to the comp. We know exactly what to expect… Rogue mage never used to win late game- [now] they basically can just stay alive forever, which is always the win condition- Live their goes and play well defensively and you’re gonna win rouge mage; That’s how it was in the past. Now if you live forever into rogue mage you still can’t kill them…

The team has managed to overcome challenging obstacles before and we have high hopes that they will continue their expert gameplay going forward into Blizzcon’s 2019 AWC. Everyone is looking forward to this weekend’s championships, and there will be many eyes on Wildcard. You definitely don’t want to miss this, so come watch live this Saturday at 2:00PM EST. Cheer us on and show the team #stackthedeck support!


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