Blizzcon Arena World Championship 2019 is over and man was this a wild weekend. Upset after upset, amazing play after amazing play! Our World of Warcraft Arena team has more than proved their skill, knowledge, and obvious ability to overcome the opposition that has faced them all season long. While we didn’t take home the coveted first place title we proved Wildcard is still one of the best! 

Our road to Blizzcon has been a hard fought one. We were faced with a meta that seemed unbeatable- The dreaded RMD, our kryptonite. We suffered at the hands of Rogue/Mage/Druid all season long, though with each loss we were able to take a step back and learn. By the time the Summer Finals came along our team was ready and that’s where our epic comeback started. Our win against Diablos in the Summer Finals sealed our ticket to Blizzcon and showed us we can handle- And even beat the meta. The breakthrough we were waiting for!

The weekend started out with little pressure, beating Unitas White in a clean 3-0 sweep and moving onto the North American Titan known as Cloud 9. We faced more of a struggle here, having extremely close games which flopped back and forth between both teams. Eventually we came to the match point on both sides, which leaned in favor of Wildcard giving us an upset of a win at 3-2.

In the third round we met our European nemesis, Method Black. Their flawless RMD comp has given us a run for our money all season and Blizzcon did not prove any different. However, this time around we were wiser and better prepared! While in the winners finals the tide did not go our way we studied them once more, learning from our mistakes one last time. Wildcard was knocked into the lower bracket where we met Cloud 9 for a rematch. We were the underdogs, C9 being the clear crowd favorite on their home turf. As always they played well and fought hard, but they were no match for our team and in the end we moved on- Winning the Lower Finals in a 3-1 upset!

It was in the Grand Finals that Blizzcon 2019 saw the most nerve racking, edge of your seat gameplay! If you missed it, do yourself a favor and watch it asap. These matches were insane and having witnessed them live was a wild ride no one could have been prepared for. The odds were stacked against Wildcard, as the meta has been all season- However, even Method Black seemed to realize we were onto something with our gameplay against their powerhouse RMD composition.

In the best of seven Grand Finals we saw several comps come into play, changing as the games swayed back and forth between each team. With each game drawing deeper and deeper into dampening it was becoming increasingly clear that these were, in fact, the best two teams in the world. After six long, heart stopping games Method Black finally made one last push, effectively taking home the gold in round seven- Good game, Method! A worthy opponent and well deserved win!

While The World of Warcraft Arena is done for 2019 you can always check out our Stream Team. They provide top tier content on a daily basis and will surely provide some entertainment as we eagerly wait for next season. As always, we thank you for your continued support and we were proud to see so many #stackthedeck fans in the live chat- And even in the Blizzcon crowd! We’ll see you next year!

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