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The Brawlhalla Championship match comes to a close at Dreamhack Austin and Wildcard Gaming’s Wrenchd takes 2nd place overall dropping the final set to Cosolix from Born Esports. Brawlhalla has one of the fastest growing competitive scenes with large organizations like Set To Destroy and Spacestation Gaming picking up some of the top players in the competitive scene. At the beginning of 2018, Wildcard announced their entrance into the competitive scene with the #1 ranked ladder player in the world, Wrenchd.


Musashi: Tell me a little bit about how you got picked up by Wildcard?


Wrenchd:After my 1 year contract ended with Fable (Another esports organization), my duos partner, Doubledime, was actually talking with several organizations looking to get into the scene and after a time he ended up introducing me to the owners at Wildcard Gaming. Shortly after that, I signed with Wildcard and the rest is history!”


Over the last 5 months, Wrenchd has competed in numerous Brawlhalla Tournaments and Leagues online and performed exceedingly well, however did not advance past top 8 at lans. Dreamhack Austin began no differently and right off the bat in pools, the young Brawlhalla star had to face off against one of his most immense competitors, Dr. Phazon. “He’s my biggest rival so far.“ Says Wrenchd. “Phazon plays a great steady game with Lucien and he makes it hard to get in and do damage with the Katars which are my prefered weapons for dueling.” After a hard fought best of 5, Wrenchd fell to the Lucien main, landing him in the losers bracket for the remainder of the competition.


Though Wrenchd was defeated very early by his rival Phazon, this upset did not hold him down for long. The Wildcard Brawlhalla Legend went on to defeat every adversary in his path out of pools. Then, after making it to top 8, advanced to the quarter finals facing off against Phazon once again. This time, Wrenchd played the matchup perfectly and landed all of his combos to defeat his rival 3-1 in a best of 5 set to knock him out of the competition. After the match, Wrenchd went revealed that he had taken several pages of notes over the day, studying Phazon for when he could face him again on stage. “It felt so nice to lose, take notes, and then come back on stage and beat him in front of the crowd. I wanted to show everyone that I am still one of the best.”


Soon after, Wrenchd went on to face 3 more competitors including Boomie from Cyclone Gaming. “Boomie is in one of the top Brawlhalla organizations and, next to me, is also very proficient in playing off stage and making plays off the map.” Wrenchd continued. Though the matchup seemed fairly even at first, Wrenchd quickly showed viewers why he is the king of off-stage combat in Brawlhalla, defeating Cyclone Gaming’s Boomie in an intensely close best of 5 set. “It was cool to face off against Boomie and I think the audience really got to see my abilities come to fruition in that matchup because we both play the same playstyle.”


Finally, after a cinderella-story run from the losers bracket winning over a dozen matches in a row, Wrenchd finally fell to his friend, Cosolix from Born Esports on stage in the grand finals. “Cosolix has been my friend for a long time. We were both sitting down before the games even started saying to each other how cool it would be to play against each other in the final matchup on stage and sure enough, there we were. He’s a great player.” Says Wrenchd. “He plays the lance weapon very well and abuses it’s strengths unlike many other players. I can’t wait to face Cosolix again going into next tournament because I really want to see if I can beat him in the rematch.”


Musashi: How does it feel to go all the way like that?


Wrenchd:There’s a couple online tournaments where I got that far. Dreamhack Austin was my best lan performance by far, especially because of that losers run. It was just so hype to be up there on stage and it felt like I was the comeback story. A couple months ago I was like, I remember saying that I was going to go all the way at Dreamhack, and I did!”


Musashi: What are your goals going forward?


Wrenchd: “I told the owners at the beginning when I was signing my contract with Wildcard that I was going to get top 3 in competitive and maintain that going forward. Dreamhack was a big opportunity to show what I can really do. I plan to keep on improving and run with this opportunity!”


“I’m really happy I get to represent such a great organization!”

Wrenchd will be back representing Wildcard this summer! For information on Brawlhalla leagues, tournaments, and general social media coverage, follow us on Twitter.

We’re proud to have Wrenchd represent Wildcard and we can’t wait to see what he can do in the future! – Musashi


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