Wildcard has dominated the world of Brawlhalla yet again- This time at the CEO 2019 Fighting Championships! As predicted both our professional players, sandstorm and wrenchd, took home podium finishes and let me tell you- It was one exciting weekend to watch. Between breathtaking sets that surely left viewers at the edge of their seats to sandstorms early knockout into the loser’s bracket and nerve wracking climb out of it, we certainly have a lot to discuss.

In Doubles the powerhouse of a team that is sandstorm and boomie dominated, totally anhallaiting everyone and anyone who stood in their way of that $10,000 prize and those coveted golden CEO 2019 belts! The duo made their climb look like a cake walk, playing for an astonishing (but unsurprising) 6-0 tournament that ended in a face off with team Phazon and Remmy. Even as our duo dropped behind in the first three sets they game back hard, denying Phazon and Remmy the luxury of a reset as Sandstorm came to save the day with some clutch 2v1 play in the last stock of round five- Even as all three players were within knock out. Talk about the edge of your seat!

Over in Singles was even more heart stopping game play. Sandstrom was knocked into the loser’s bracket early on by Cody Travis, leaving everyone anxious and wondering how? The questions didn’t phase the elite player, though, as he breezed through the loser’s bracket with ease. The only competitor who seemed to be a struggle for the feared 4x LAN winner was duos teammate boomie. Even more nerve wracking was after sandstorm climbed right back into the winner’s side for the Grand Finals he was against fellow Wildcard brother wrenched who just knocked boomie into losers!

On the other end of Singles wrenched was dominating, proving just how badly he wanted to take home the gold. He promised he was working on his focus and mentality and there was a clear improvement from the last time we watched him play at Dreamhack Dallas. Wrenchd put on a dynamic and adaptive performance, taking on everyone thrown at him and making it all the way to the Grand Finals with an undefeated score of 7-0. 

In the Grand Finals viewers watched yet another Wildcard showdown much like the one we saw in Dallas. If you haven’t seen Sunday’s set yet- It was the textbook definition of “edge of your seat”! Both players took on their rolls so well and it was clear that we were watching the best of the best. First sandstorm made his presence known and cleared the first three sets, 3-0 , leading to a reset. Following up wrenched came back alive, kicking the nerves and pushing sandstorm to a close 3-2 round that ultimately ended in the now 5x LAN champion’s favor!

As expected Wildcard took home two 1st place finishes and the legacy of Sandstorm remains- Dominating both Singles and Doubles. He is THE force to be reckoned with as we reiterate his status of the best player in the Brawlhalla pro league- The legend himself now holds an undefeated 3x Doubles winning streak and an even more insane 5x Singles streak. 


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