It seems that this weekend Wildcard, among others, will be shaking the Brawlhalla community up a little! Tomorrow kicks off the start of the BH Summer Champs 2019 Tournament and… Well… There’s not only some unexpected duos but an unexpected absence that will surely catch Commentators, Twitch chat, and even Competitors off guard.


In this weekend’s games I’m sure everyone will certainly be missing Wildcard’s Sandstorm, right? While he wanted to make it to BH Summer Champs he had a prior commitment that unfortunately prevented him from attending. Let’s all just be thankful that he’s giving someone else a chance to win, right? But with Sandstorm sitting this one out a sweet, sweet win for wrenchd is looking pretty good! Did we forget that he is still a force to be reckoned with?


You’ve got everyone cheering you on this weekend, wrenchd! Take that win home!


On the other end of the tournament we have some unexpected teams in duos. For obvious reasons Tempo Storm’s Boomie won’t be playing with Sandstorm and instead has teamed up with Blood Diamond. Though, what I’m interested in is the fact that the team of wrenchd and Starlight has seemed to split for BH Summer Champs! This weekend you’ll be seeing Starlight play with Midget and wrenchd will be teaming up with Cosolix. (If you watched wrenchd’s live stream yesterday you may have caught them playing together! He uploaded their play on his YouTube, too. Seems promising!)


Will Phazon and Remmy be kicked from their Duos throne so soon? Whatever happens we wish all of our favorites the best of luck this weekend and we hope to see some crazy games with all these fresh pairings. And, of course, we’re eager to see who takes home the singles gold in Sandstorm’s absence!


You can catch the tournament live Saturday and Sunday by visiting If you haven’t snagged your own #stackthedeck emote on Twitch you should definitely hop on that by checking out our Twitch. You can also show our streamers some love while you wait for BH Summer Champs to start by visiting here



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