Wildcard Brawlhalla’s first tournament of the year went well with the Winter Championship taking place last week. Wrenchd and Sandstorm entered the 1v1 bracket Saturday morning, sweeping their pools and moved on into the top 128 with increasing momentum. They continued their rampant run with both taking their Top 128 sets 2-0, advancing into the Top 32. Wrenchd was up against Tuxedo Esport’s ‘DoubleDime’ for his first set, and after 3 great games, took the match 2-1, advancing to play against the current free agent, ‘Ithrowow’ for his spot in Top 8. Wrenchd had a very commanding 2-0 win over Ithrow in this set, securing his spot in the next rounds. The streak would not last however as our own Wrenchd, finally fell to Boomie and then Phazon shortly after in the Loser’s Bracket, knocking him out of the tournament.


Wrenchd secured a very impressive 5th place finish in the overall 1v1 portion of the Winter Championship and is eager, and hungry for his next chance to take the title!


Sandstorm’s journey post Top 128 was a hard fought battle. The former World Champion had an amazing first game against ithrow in Top 32, but due to some unfortunate internet issues on his end, fell 2-1 in the end. Sandstorm went into the lower bracket with a vengeance, much like the name states, took Loser’s Bracket by storm and made it all the way into Top 8 as well. Sandstorm ended up taking 7th place after an incredible set with Phazon. Sunday was the 2v2 portion of the Winter Championships and it was a great one for Wildcard Gaming. Wrenchd had a new 2s partner, Jezter, and in their first tournament there were ups and downs. They had some very good sets in pool play, but fell to the duo, Illyou and Crockie. They took a 2-1 win in losers bracket pools, then moved onto Top 32, finally falling to Webbster and Zacoi in top 32, finishing 25th overall in their first 2s tournament.


Sandstorm, took his 2v2 run with his duo partner, Boomie, to a whole new level. The two managed to convincingly dominate every set 2-0, not dropping a single game all the way until Grand Finals. This duo pulled off some incredible combos, and amazing team plays, landing them in the Championship rounds against Cody Travis and Flash Point’s Isidroo. Our boy along with Boomie took the set 3-1, losing their first game of the tournament, and answering that loss with their Tournament set win to take home the gold medal, and a sweet $2,000 Grand Prize! More details on the next tournament to come soon. Are you ready? #WCWIN

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