Team Pepega featuring some of the most familiar faces in Twitch including our very own Bustin take round 1 on the League of Legends Twitch Rivals against Metaphor’s Minions in a very impressive 3 game series ‘reverse-sweep’! Bustin, a bottom lane main player, played 3 back to back to back impressive performances on Karthas, flashing in with massive ultimates and securing a multitude of team fights in Team Pepega’s favor.


Bustin will be back with Team Pepega on January 21st, Monday, for more ground breaking action starting at 5:00pm Central Time, and they’ll be competing against ‘Team One Tricks’. You can also catch Bustin this weekend at PAX South!


Be sure to say hello at the event and follow Bustin on Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram!


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