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Bustin And His Team Win Round 1 of the Twitch Rivals!!!

    Team Pepega featuring some of the most familiar faces in Twitch including our very own Bustin take round 1 on the League of Legends Twitch Rivals against Metaphor’s Minions in a very impressive 3 game series ‘reverse-sweep’! Bustin, a bottom lane main player, played 3 back to back to back impressive performances...

Wildcard Gaming Welcomes Danucd!!!

  We are proud to welcome Dana “Danucd” Dima to Wildcard Gaming’s Influencing team this year! Dana is a world class PUBG player reigning from Latvia and is widely considered by many as the ‘Best Female PUBG Player in the World’. The quality of content Danucd brings aligns perfectly with the high quality level...

Wildcard Gaming Introduces GooseyOffical!!!

Wildcard Gaming would like to take a moment to welcome Cade “Goosey” Hoch to the Wildcard content team!  Goosey brings a unique take on streaming and provides a fast-paced, unadulterated reaction to his gameplay for your humurous viewing pleasure.  He is quick witted and loud at times, some may even say TOXIC! However, let’s...

Wildcard Gaming Influencers

In what seems like the blink of an eye, social media influencers have risen up to a new tier of celebrity.  Each day, someone new enters the spotlight and at Wildcard, we recognize the importance of this facet in the gaming community.  In 2019, we are changing the way our base interacts with our...