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Apex Legends Application!!!

Fields marked with * are required E-mail Address:* Discord Name (Name#1234):* Twitter Link:* Twitch Link:* In Game Name:* Most Played Character?* Kills:* Damage:* Level:* Do you have any previous esports experience, if so describe:* If possible, post links to videos and clips of your gameplay here: Do you have any teammates?* Yes No If...

Wildcard PUBG Going to Sweden for the GLL Finals!

By: William Lucas “Musashi”   Wildcard Gaming continues their dominant performance in North American PUBG by qualifying for Global Loot League’s Season 2 Grand Finals in Stockholm! Toumai, Pride, Kickstart, and Sharpshot will be heading off to Sweden for their 2nd Lan appearance as the main four-man roster. Following their 10th place finish at...

Wildcard Dreamhack Interview!

By: William “Musashi” Lucas   After many attempts to qualify for an event in the past, Wildcard Gaming PUBG and Brawlhalla have exceeded expectations and qualified for the Dreamhack Showdown Stage in June! For Wildcard Gaming, this event is more than business, it’s a family reunion for the owners and  staff. This tournament event...

Wildcard Places First Overall In The First Split of PUBGOnline!

By William “Musashi” Lucas   Wildcard Gaming PUBG delivered an explosive upset victory this Tuesday (March 27th) over Optic Gaming to secure first place overall in the Pubgonline Showdown Tournament Series Season 1, Split 1 claiming first place, and proving once again that they can compete against and defeat the best.   Over the...