Everyone here at Wildcard Gaming would like to take a moment to give one of our favorite personalities a very well deserved shout out! Aside from recently having a birthday, Avori teamed up with some guys from Ghost Gaming to participate in Azteca 7:Sport’s “Nation vs Nation” PUBG competition and won against Mexico! She did an amazing job, gave viewers a terrific performance, and as always we’re proud to be working with her! Congratulations on some amazing gameplay!


If you aren’t following Avori yet, we definitely recommend checking her out! She provides quality PUBG content and gameplay, and watching her stream is always entertaining. You can follow Avori on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/avori, on Twitter @AvoriLiz, and on Instagram @AvoriLiz. Go wish her a happy birthday and tell her Wildcard Gaming sent you!


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