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Did you know our own Professional Brawlhalla player, Wrenchd, not only live streams on Twitch but makes quality Brawlhalla content on YouTube? Yeah, you read that right! Wrenchd has been busy these past few weeks building his YouTube up with awesome informative videos on how you can play like a pro, too.


If for some reason you don’t know who Wrenchd is, but you’re interested in Brawlhalla and the Brawl community, then let me give you a bit of background! (Or simply refresh your memory) Wrenchd is one of the top Brawlhalla players in the world. He has at least 8 podium finishes (I honestly lost count) between LAN and online tournaments, and a staggering $23,000 in winnings so far. He’s also currently one of the only people that can really give the reigning Brawlhalla champ, Sandstorm, a run for his money! Among all of these impressive achievements wrenchd is also one of the best Asuri players in the world and guess who has videos about playing Asuri? Wild guess, right?


Wrenchd’s YouTube channel is aimed towards being one of the top Brawlhalla channels that include a range of content from guides, gameplay, and commentary all while being entertaining and helpful. So far he’s put out quality videos about climbing the ranked ladder, making it to Diamond, how to handle 2300 ELO pressure, and of course fun and entertaining gameplay against other top professional players like Sandstorm and Simba.


But don’t forget that he also live streams this stuff! Between what seems like traveling to Brawlhalla LAN tournaments almost every weekend and editing his YouTube videos wrenchd also manages to find time to stream his gameplay. If you catch him live you have the opportunity to pick his brain and get some professional tips! Maybe even just hangout and chat for a bit. Whichever you choose to do, know that wrenchd is not only entertaining but extremely friendly and personable while he is providing A+ content to his views and the community!


Check out wrenchd’s YouTube and Twitch and tell him Wildcard sent you! Be sure to like and follow him and hit that notification button to get alerts for when there’s new uploads or when he’s live! If you’re an aspiring professional player or just trying to navigate your way through ranked you won’t want to miss his content.













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