This Thursday one our Wildcard Influencers Dillon “D__Rich” had a very special live stream in cooperation with one of our favorite charities to work with, the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. D__Rich kindly volunteered to play PUBG for several hours with all the proceeds being donated to Fred Hutch. It was an awesome, interactive, and even educational stream to watch as a scientist from Fred Hutch was preset to answer any and all questions Dillon and his viewers had about the work they’re doing to “Alt + F4” cancer!

We got to sit down with D__Rich afterwards to discuss his time on Twitch’s front page during the event, catch up on the money he’s raised, and to see with how he’s doing in general.


Let’s start off simple: What is Fred Hutch?

Fred Hutch is an amazing cancer research foundation. They developed the bone marrow transplant and have estimated that cancer will be cured by 2025!


It was nice hearing your stream and listening to you engage with your viewers, (Including myself who lurked around for the duration and made a few comments.) especially in regards to their questions about Fred Hutch. Can you tell me why Fred Hutch is so important to you?


Fred Hutch should be important to everyone. I think it’s one of Fred Hutch’s statistics that 1 in 3 people will get cancer. I would say it would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t either had cancer themselves or had a loved one with cancer, myself included. Fred Hutch is fighting to end the deadly disease and that’s why it’s so important to me.


For those who don’t know, you’ve worked with Fred Hutch before and have had quite successful fundraisers already. How much money have you raised for this amazing foundation so far? What is your ultimate goal for future Fred Hutch fundraisers?


So I’m not 100% certain on the exact number but I would say around $2,700. I want to keep doing charity streams and if any cool events arise that need someone to be there I would be excited to do that again as well. Anything that can get more exposure for Fred Hutch and continue to raise funds is something I’ll always lend a helping hand to.


 Did you feel that pressure when your viewers gave you the Chicken Dinner challenge? You made it into the top 10 and still did excellent! Do you think you’ll try a challenge like that again in the future?


The challenge was a lot of fun for sure and I love stuff like that. It would be great to do something like that again throughout the duration of my streams!


You hit over 9,000 viewers a few times during the charity stream, which is super impressive and must have felt great. Even while your chat became hectic you still managed to pay attention to questions and even simple comments being thrown your way. To me, that’s the mark of a great influencer! To anyone who might not know you but may read this article after checking out your front page stream Thursday for a follow up to the event, what would you like to say to them?


Well the event wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the generous people in the stream, so thank you is what I would like to say to everyone who was there and to those who donated. It isn’t easy to just give away money and time and those that did deserve a special thanks.


It was really cool seeing so much support from your fans and I even saw your Mom engaging in chat! It sounds like you have quite the A-Team supporting you. Has your Mom ever tried her hand at PUBG? Could there maybe be a Mom and Son charity livestream in the future?


My mom has been very supportive of my streaming career along with anything I have ever pursued in my life. She even downloaded PUBG on her on computer and gave it a try! She has told me she likes the survival aspect of the game and seeing how long she can make it. She also played quite a bit of Ring of Elysium which is a different battle royale and was pretty successful in that. If she ever wanted to do something like a charity livestream I would be totally up for it!


After your livestream I know you had to immediately gear up for the NPLC Open Qualifiers. How did that go for you?

We made it through the first round of qualifiers and the second round is actually going to be ending tonight so that is yet to be determined. I’m definitely excited to see how it turns out, though!


Let’s wrap this up with a few questions about you and your goals. You’ve been streaming now for a while and you’ve attended and participated in so many awesome events like the Fred Hutch fundraiser- Do you have any general long or short term goals your working towards right now?

So I just graduated from college and now I have time to really go all in on streaming. My long term goal is to make this a full-time deal! I love streaming and I am excited to see if this dream can become a reality.


And of course for all your fans and supporters who will stop by to read this do you have anything you’d like to say to them?


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey thus far. I feel so honored to be able to stream and hang out with such an awesome community on a daily basis. You guys make it fun for me and I hope there are many more streams ahead of us!


It’s safe to say that D__Rich is an all star streamer who loves to give back and really takes the time to not only provide exciting content, but also works hard to engage with anyone who stops by to watch him and chat. If you’re not already a fan and following him on Twitch you can head over to and hit that heart button! Show your #stackthedeck pride and let him know Wildcard sent you!



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