Surprise, surprise! Wildcard took home the gold at Dreamhack Montreal. Another weekend for our deck in the world of Brawlhalla! And… Smash Ultimate? It’s getting crazy out there, boys. As I’m sure you know we have some amazing players and win or lose, we’re always so impressed with what they bring to the table. We’re seeing constant improvements and this weekend was a clear demonstration of that. Whether it’s outright skill or keeping their mental in check Sandstorm and wrenchd continue to stay on top and it’s no surprise that they took home podium finishes yet again.

Let’s start with Smash- That shocked just about everyone, I think. In between the Brawlhalla tournaments Sandstorm made his way to the Smash Ultimate games and just demolished! He took down some huge names in the professional scene and it’s becoming clear he means business. He finished his run at DH Montreal in 5th place, being eliminated by Blacktwins13 in the Loser’s Quarter-Finals. Will we see a Wildcard Smash Ultimate win soon? It’s quite possible.

In Brawlhalla doubles we saw some crazy upsets! Wildcard took home two podium finishes, however they were quite surprising. We saw the newly formed team of wrenchd and Halocline’s Cosolix beat out the reigning champs Sandstorm and Tempo Storm’s boomie 3-1, which moved them to the lower bracket and brought wrenchd and Cosolix to the winner’s finals. From there they continued to put on a show, proving their synergy is one to watch out for! The duo knocked Lil Capped and ithrowow into the lower bracket where they won against the BoomStorm, ending their DH Montreal Duos run in 3rd place. Wrenchd and Cosolix did eventually fall to Lil Capped and ithrowow in a well played reset, placing 2nd. GGs, boys!

Moving onto singles we saw yet another Wildcard grand final! I think it’s becoming a trend… I mean, even the commentators recognize.

We saw both Sandstorm and wrenchd play against one another in the winner’s finals in a heart stopping game that wrenchd took at an impressive 3-1, effectively knocking Sandstorm into the lower bracket. There he faced off with duos partner boomie in a close 3-2 match that had the crowd at the edge of their seats. Sandstorm moved onto the grand finals where he met with wrenchd one more time and it was clear the pressure was on. If you watched Shine 2019, the last LAN the boys played, they met just like this- And wrenchd won! Both of the Wildcard pros played their best and in the end wrenchd took home the gold again, officially marking the start of his winning streak! Congratulations to some very well played games!

You can catch the next Brawlhalla tournament, The Autumn Online Championships, September 28th right here at In the meantime, did you know that wrenchd streams and makes amazing Brawlhalla YouTube content? You can check his YouTube out at and his Twitch at Let him know Wildcard sent you!

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