DreamHack Rotterdam has come and pass and I gotta say- It was definitely a great tournament to watch. While for the first time this year we did not have a Wildcard grand finals, we still saw 2nd place in duos for Sandstorm and Tempo Storm’s Boomie and 3rd place for Sandstorm in singles. It’s not what the boys are used to, but we’re still proud of their games!

In duos Sandstorm and Boomie reminded everyone who they were as they brought out some amazing Xull and Rayman, giving us some crazy strings and impressive synergy. The duo made it to the Grand Finals where they went head to head with Acno and Blaze- a team that most certainly fought hard for their win. The matches between them were definitely heated and in the end they were defeated, taking home 2nd.

Both Sandstorm and wrenched had an interesting weekend in singles. We saw some (maybe) surprising picks from both that at least made for some interesting matches to watch. While Sandstorm of course played some tried and true Mordex, we also saw him play Fait and a little Petra. New orb main? On the other hand, wrenchd stuck with his new favorite pick, Lucien. It seems like katars and blasters have been treating him well. In the end, Sandstorm took home 3rd and wrenchd placed 5th. Both surprising finishes from the Brawlhalla powerhouses- Nevertheless, we’re still proud. 

We want to congratulate Boomie on his 1st place win in singles, and Acno and Blaze on their win in duos. While Wildcard didn’t take home the gold this tournament, we’re certainly gunning for them at the Brawlhalla World Championships in November! Speaking of, you’ll be able to tune in and watch it live November 15th-17th right here. Prepare yourself, because we’re sure it will be a tournament to remember!

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