We’re back with another Dreamhack and this time we’re sending the guys out to Montreal! The world of Brawlhalla was shaken up quite a bit at our last LAN, Shine, where wrenchd finally took the crown- Effectively dethroning Sandstorm and changing what was looking to be his… What? I’ve actually lost count- 10th win? It’s a big number, trust me. It was an exciting and well deserved win, however now the question is: Will wrenchd hold the title? Moving into Dreamhack Montreal we wanted to chat with wrenchd and see what he’s been up to since the first LAN win in his career! Read what he had to say below.

So you’re that guy right now. Think you’re gonna hang onto your title this weekend?

I’m definitely hoping so! The thing thats gonna be really tough is Sandstorm. Also some of the other people I may have to play along the way since different people will be there. But the only real issue will probably be Sandstorm again. I am trying to stay level headed and take everyone with the same level of seriousness.

Have you been doing anything different to prepare for Dreamhack Montreal?

I mean not really since there hasn’t been a lot of time in between LANs. My main focus right now is to use my time in the best possible way so I can get the most out of my time in game, and then keep theorizing outside of the game like always. I’ve been learning how to do that better.

You and Cosolix did really well at Shine- Obviously taking first place at Dreamhack is the goal. Do you two have any special practice routines?

To be honest, no. I think we really meshed together naturally and we played like normal up until now. We just play other top teams, really. I think for sure we can recreate that at another LAN like montreal but we’re especially trying to learn how to beat Sandstorm and boomie since that seems to be our main struggle in 2s right now.

Where did that Shine trophy go? Did you put it anywhere nice?

LMAO uhhhhh sorry to say not yet oops they’ve both just been chillin on my desk until I get a dedicated spot for them! THE TOP 3 TROPHIES I GOT BEFORE FROM DREAMHACK BROKE SO LIKE… I DIDN’T  NEED A SPOT LOL!

Last time we spoke you were struggling against gauntlets, however based on your play against sandstorm’s Mordex you seemed to be doing well. Has that match up changed for you?

I think ive gotten a lot better at learning the ins and outs of the weapon at a top level, especially now when I’ve been playing it myself more. I have a lot more knowledge now and it’s helped!

Have your opinions on  what needs a nerf and what needs a buff changed?

To be honest i think only certain signatures need nerfs, not really weapons themselves. Other than lance, which needs a rework because it’s really weird right now.

What are your short term and long term goals for your career right now?

My short term gol is that I definitely i want be rank #1. My long term is I want to get better at dissecting in game situations, even though im really good at that as is- I think that knowledge and ability to just continue to get better is useful no matter if im still playing Brawlhalla in like 5 years or not.


We took to Twitter and asked them if they had any questions for you. You’d think by now we’ve learned our lesson when asking Twitter for anything but… We haven’t. Here are some silly questions to close out our chat!


What is your favorite asuri skin, and why is it Apex Predator?

How do you get such perfect hair?

I’m not happy with it yet not gonna lie! I’m gettin there though, I’m not sure if I need to grow it out or cut it… I’m trying to pull up to the LANs CLEAN, though!


Do you even sleep
I try to lately! 8 hours a day bro! Or… like 6… sometimes…


How are you so damn good at the game?

It’s a lot of practice and a lot of losing to people then wanting to be able to beat them.

So there you have it! Do you think wrenchd is prepared to take home another first place win at Dreamhack Montreal? Or do you think Sandstorm will be taking the title back? Or are your eyes set on another pro Brawlhalla player? At any rate, you can watch it all unfold life right here https://wildcard.gg/brawlhalla/. Singles start tomorrow, Friday September 6th. Come watch it live with us and show your #stackthedeck pride.


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