Dreamhack Dallas is over and Wildcard has taken home Brawlhalla gold! This weekend was an exciting one and our players gave us their best and put on quite the show. In three intense days of gameplay wrenchd and Sandstorm both took home podium finishes in solo play and team play, proving that Wildcard remains on top of the Brawlhalla competition. Let’s take a closer look at this weekend’s games.

In team play Sandstorm and Boomie had two great sets, saying “I wasn’t feeling as confidant in the 2v2s because Boomie and I were losing some synergy while the other teams just kept getting better. We ended up pulling through, though! We chose some new characters and trusted each other! It worked out perfectly.”

After finding their footing In the sets, one of which was an easy 3-0 and the other being a very intense 3-2 against sanity and simba, they secured their place in the Top 8 winner’s side which moved them forward to eventually face wrenchd and Starlight.

Wrenchd and Starlight had an exciting and very close set to start their turn which ended in a loss, moving them to the loser’s bracket where they then won two straight sets and secured their spot in the Top 8. Moving on wrenchd and Starlight had a clean 3-1 victory over stevenator and wilson, but fell shortly after to the 2v2 powerhouse that is Sandstorm and Boomie. Overall it was an extremely good showing from the new 2v2 team of wrenchd and Starlight.

In the Top 8 Sandstorm and Boomie had a tough match and unfortunately got knocked into the losers bracket after the winner’s semi final but made a huge comeback, playing all the way through the loser’s quarterfinals- Making their way back into the grand finals! They played hard, reset the bracket, and won the reset to take home the gold in the 2v2 portion of Dreamhack.

In this weekend’s solo play we saw several intense games with Sandstorm and wrenchd. Our players brought their best, both having extremely clean pool plays which secured their place in the Top 12 winner’s side- Against each other!

Championship Sunday started out with a crazy set that pit wrenchd against his own Wildcard brother, Sandstorm where he took the win with an exciting and unexpected 3-0 score. Wrenchd then took this momentum all the way to the grand finals!

In the loser’s bracket Sandstorm had an easy time taking two clean 3-0 victories against Simba and Remmy, moving to face Boomie in a solid 3-1 set. This win took him to the grand finals as well where we watched the epic face off of wrenchd vs Sandstorm for the title of Dreamhack Champion!

The grand final was anything but boring- The fight constantly took sides, giving anyone watching a wild ride. With two talented and feared players it was more than exciting to witness! The first set was a full 5 games, the possibility of winning was there for both players. Wrenchd gave Sandstorm a run for his money with two unarmed knockouts, saying “This was easily the most intense sets of Brawlhalla I have ever played! He’s the toughest player in the game and at first it seemed like we were just goofing off but it became serious really fast!” It’s safe to say he was playing his best, showing Sandstorm he was going to have to work hard for the win!

Eventually the intense brawl resulted in a reset, pushing the grand final to another three heart stopping games where Sandstorm came back and took his first place title! Sandstorm told us “It felt pretty good overall! Losing to wrenchd in the 1v1s didn’t get to me too bad, I just knew I should have warmed up! I worked hard through the losers bracket and made it to this rematch and won!”

Overall Dreamhack proved to be a wild and exciting ride for not only our players but our fans! If you tuned in to watch live, as always we thank you for your support! If you missed it live, check it out by visiting https://wildcard.gg/brawlhalla/. If you’re not already following our influencers head over to https://wildcard.gg/influencers/ where you can snag your own #stackthedeck emote!


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