Wildcard has an ever growing family of all star Influencers and Streamers, one of those being D__Rich- A well known name in the PUBG community. We’ve interviewed  Dillon “D__Rich” Richardson before and since then he’s accomplished some great things! One of which that we’ll be talking about today was making it into the PUBG Contenders League on team 303 Esports. We’re so proud of him and pursuing his goal of going pro and we can not wait to see him grow as a professional player!

We sat down with Dillon and talked about his experience competing in Phase 3s Relegations against some big teams- Wildcard included! We even asked him some of your questions…


How did it feel making it into PUBG Contenders?
Playing in Contenders was a blast and an amazing learning experience. It was an honor to play in the league and meet so many awesome players. The daily NPLC scrims and match days were an amazing opportunity to improve on an individual and team level.

The NPLC has scrims every week day so every week day our team would be practicing. Along with the scrims, I was playing public matches every day. Since PUBG is my main game I play on stream, it allows me to really sink some hours into the game and fine tune my personal play.

Describe playing in the Phase 3 Relegations in 3 words:
Intense learning opportunity

We saw some awesome plays from you and your team, 303 Esports, at Relegations. What’s one you’re really proud of?
There was one particular game on Miramar where our team really showed our true potential. The highlight for me was the communication our team had with each other and just the overall cohesiveness we had during that game. We ended up winning with 17 kills, and it was just the highlight of the phase for me.

If you could have done something different during Relegations, what would it have been?
On Day 1, we had some really difficult games as far as circles how circles went, along with a game crash. Overall, I think we should have just played more loosely and trusted in our ability to frag instead of looking for the perfect situation. Day 2 we really showed our potential and started scoring points each game. If we played like we did on day 1, it could have very easily been a different outcome.

Can we expect to keep seeing you in Contenders?
Yes, I will be in the next phase of contenders under 303. The future is looking really bright for the team.

We also turned directly to the source and picked some of our favorite questions from Twitter and your own livestream! Here’s what we got…

Why did you start playing PUBG?
PUBG was a game a friend introduced me to over 2 years ago. It was a huge learning curve for me, because it was my very first mouse and keyboard shooter. I was hooked right off the bat and have just been focused on learning and improving ever since.

What is your biggest accomplishment and why are you proud of it, if you are?
I would say going into streaming and gaming blind along with being able to create an amazing community of awesome, loving people. Streaming is the first thing I knew I wanted to do as a career. Before streaming, I had no idea what I was going to do. I was just playing baseball in college getting a degree in Business Administration with no real path laid out. So, being able to stream and game competitively is a huge accomplishment for me.

Do you think you’ve “made it” in the streamer world? If not, what would you define as “making it”?
I think, as far as surrounding myself with loving people who want the best for each other, yes I’ve made it. That is the most important part. However, as far as growth and income, I still have a bit of a ways to go before I can fully support myself doing what I love. There is still an enormous amount of room to grow, but the value of my stream lies within the community and the good times doing it. 

Recently, the role of coaches seem to be more and more important. What do you personally want from that coach roll? Gameplay strategy, VOD reviewing and intel?
A coach is supposed to spectate the scrim games and look at the overall improvements the team can make along with providing them with some post game analysis that can open some eyes to different ideas they could have moving forward. VOD review is also great, because the coach probably reviewed it already and may have some key points they want to highlight. Manbun is an amazing coach for 303 and does a phenomenal job helping us learn our opponents and developing strategy.

Did you ever consider no longer streaming when you were at a low point?
I have always known I wanted to stream. There are low points for sure that can be discouraging but nothing will hold you back if you really want to make something happen. I don’t see myself giving up on streaming any time soon.

If you could choose between pro baseball and pro gaming, which would you choose and why?
Tough question because baseball has been my life growing up all the way through college. Not to mention the benefits and paycheck of a pro baseball player pretty greatly outweighs that of a gamer. However, over the last couple years, I have really fallen in love with professional gaming Especially when gaming goes hand in hand with streaming, which is the career I want to have. Pro gaming would be my choice of the two as it allows me to express my competitive drive and also pairs perfectly with streaming.

How long have you been living with Avori for?
After I graduated college in May of 2019, I moved in with Avori.

What do you think of Fortnite?
Fortnite isn’t my choice of game to play, however, the game really normalizes gaming and streaming to the public. The amount of positive awareness that is provided for streaming and gaming is amazing, and I can’t be anything but happy about that. The game itself doesn’t interest me, but it has done great things for the gaming and streaming scene.

What is your favorite color and why?
I always bounce back and forth between red and blue but if I had to decide I would probably say red. I really like the intensity of the color but in all honesty, I wouldn’t prefer it clothing wise. I guess if the question is favorite color to wear, I’d probably say either black or gray.

What’s the one food you refuse to eat and real talk, how much money will you end up eating it for?
I won’t eat mashed potatoes, and yes I know you’re probably gasping in disbelief but they are terrible. They literally trigger my gag reflex. I guess its a texture thing but the taste isn’t good either. That being said, it wouldn’t take an obscene amount of money for me to eat them so I’d say probably $100.

What hair products do you use?
Other than the obvious shampoo and conditioner I use something called a pomade. It holds the hair in place without creating a “gel” look or a “slick and shiny” look.

Is there anything wrong with guys taking pride in their self-care? Facial skin products, hair products, top notch hygiene. What are your thoughts on self-care for men?
Of course not. If a guy thinks it’s lame to take care of their own skin or anything like that they are probably single. That doesn’t mean go ahead and upload snapchats of you putting a face mask on. I’ve seen it plenty of times, trust me.

As always we thank D__Rich for taking the time to chat with us. We’re eager to see his career blossom and hope to meet him again in Phase 4! Until then you can check out his Twitch and show him some love! Let him know that Wildcard sent you. If you’re not already apart of our official Discord you should give that a look and come just the #stackthedeck family.



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