Farewell Wrenchd & Sandstorm

It’s with a heavy heart that Wildcard says farewell to two of the best players we’ve had within the organization, Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers and Zach “wrenchd” Gundersen. In truth, words can not explain how sad we are to part ways with these two outstanding people. They’re friends, they’re family- We’ve watched them grow while they were here with us and to see them part is bittersweet. These are two of the best Brawlhalla players in the world! We know that, and if you’ve followed the professional Brawlhalla scene over these last two years you know that too.

Wildcard’s journey into Brawlhalla started back in January of 2018 when we set our sights on wrenchd. One of our owners, Wolfy, sat down with me to share the story of first finding Zach. “I remember scouting players for Brawlhalla, and all the players that I talked to. I remember seeing wrenchd’s email [to us] and not thinking it was particularly impressive. After watching him I knew he had INCREDIBLE potential! After our first conversation it was a match made in heaven. He embodies exactly what  we preach at Wildcard.”

The last two years with wrenchd have been wild to watch. We saw him grow in his skill, his personal brand, his hair, and of course we saw him grow as an individual. Working with him was a pleasure and we’re proud of all that he’s accomplished with us.

In 2018 he started off as a skilled player who we wanted to help become one of the  best. In 2019 he became a consistent player, placing top 3 at all Lan events he attended. And, finally, we watched wrenchd prove all of his hard work when he took home his first LAN win at SHINE 2019. From there, it was like a domino effect. He later took home first place in the Autumn Championships, and then moved on to win Dreamhack Montreal. We could not be more proud to have watched him grow in such an outstanding show of skill and determination.

As for Sandstorm, finding him was a bit different. “[Picking up Sandstorm] was the exact opposite of wrenchd.” Wolfy explains. “I remember watching an Online tournament, Spring Championships 2017 I think it was. I had seen different players pop off at specific tournaments but after watching him one time I knew he was elite and Wildcard wanted him. We knew we needed to show interest before the 2018 World Championships so we reached out to him. He ended up winning solos, we sat down and had a conversation [afterwards], and the rest was history.”

Wildcard took on Sandstorm in January of 2019 and having him has been nothing short of amazing. This is a powerhouse player with insane capabilities and such a high skill cap. Over the past year we saw him win almost every single tournament he entered, only losing to his Wildcard brother wrenchd. We are sure no one will ever have a run in Professional Brawlhalla like Sandstorm did. He made history, and there is no doubt he will continue to shock the community for as long as he plays. Winning the 2018 singles World Championships, and moving on to win the singles and doubles 2019 World Championships will not be an easy feat to beat.

Wildcard is confident that these two players will continue to be the best, and we’ll all be doing our best to independently cheer for them. There is no doubt that they will continue to grow their brand, and to grow as individuals. We will always be so thankful to have had them, and to have helped them in all the ways that we could. Good luck wrenchd and Sandstorm! We are proud of everything you both accomplished and we can’t wait to see you continue to succeed. Who knows?  Maybe one day you’ll both be back repping the WC. #stackthedeck


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