We had the chance to sit down with an oldie but a goodie from the Wildcard Family, Dillon “D__Rich” Richardson.  D__Rich has been with us for a long time and he represents Wildcard as an influencer that spends most of his days on the fields of Erangel, decimating his foes in PUBG. D__Rich has been streaming for over a year and a half on Twitch and is a well respected presence within the PUBG community. With over 17k followers spanning across his social media profiles we are always excited to share the content D__Rich provides.

Today we’re here to talk about his support of the @fredhutch event, which will be live tomorrow, April 23rd, at the Paramount Theater in Seattle at 3:30PM PST. Alright, no more chit chat… Let’s get down to the interview!

When you’re not Playing PUBG where can we find you?

While I think I’ll always stick to PUBG, I have played some Battlefield 5, Sly Cooper, CS: GO, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Have you always been known as D__Rich or did you have other persona’s before building the following you have today?

No, I’ve always been D__Rich! Born and bred!

Can you tell me what  D__Rich means for those who don’t know you?

D__Rich is an abbreviation of my name. My first name is Dillon and my last name is Richardson. D__Rich! It’s that simple!

What got you into streaming? Was it any particular influence or just an inner calling?

Well, I always loved video games. I started watching Shroud and summit1g as well as some smaller streamers and it looked like fun! I finally decided I might as well give it a shot. I started streaming in college and while I’m still in college, streaming has been something that I enjoy and it works for me.

We took a poll and your hair was rated top 10 of all streamers. What is your routine to keep that perfect mane?

Just a little bit of hair gel- boom, boom, boom and swoop the hair line. That’s it! It’s just that lavish I guess!

We know you travel and meet a ton of streamers but what event and in person encounter did you have that just blew you away?

So far my favorite event has definitely got to be the Twitch Prime event! Shroud DMd me on Twitter and invited me to LA for a PUBG LAN tournament. He had DrDisrespect, TSM_Viss, Chocolate, jay9, Chad, Mike, IE… Basically everyone who has ever streamed PUBG! Then Shroud chose Lurn and me to bring with him and we got to meet all of these amazing streamers. The gameplay was incredible!

Deadmou5 performed which was amazing! We all went out for dinner then afterwards we went clubbing. There’s so many details and it is something I’ll never forget. It was all very surreal.

What does your family think of you streaming?  Have they ever seen the D__Rich stream?

Yeah, they’re really supportive which is super cool. They watch when they can!

What would you say to anyone watching you that is considering being a streamer? What does it take, what has it cost?
Whether it’s a hobby or a full time thing the start up costs money. You need to buy good equipment which is costly, then you need to decide what your approach is. There’s no guarantee you’ll even be successful. There’s no “golden ticket”! You just need a lot of time and consistency. I never imagined I’d do this well and everyone that supports me are very much appreciated.

How did you find Wildcard?

So it actually started when Kickstart played PUBG. I was referred to WCG and soon after met up with musashi! From there we became friends and I eventually met the owners; They’re cool! I got to understand the brand and I’m excited to continue to work with everyone in the future!

What should we expect @fredhutch on April 23rd where you will be live on the front page of the Paramount Theatre in Seattle at 3:30 PM PST?

It’s going to be so awesome! Fred Hutch is an amazing cancer research center and I’m excited to be apart of this really cool charity event. I’ll be part of their booth where I’ll be streaming APEX on the front page. There will be hardware giveaways too, which is cool. Everyone who checks it out will see me playing with scientists and fans at the event! #scientistsplaybattleroyale


Thank you for sitting down with us D__Rich! We can’t wait to watch you during your upcoming promotion! We wish you the best of luck. Please support @fredhutch and tune into D__Rich on April 23rd at 3:30 PM PST where he’ll be live on the front page of the Paramount Theater in Seattle!



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