Wildcard’s League of Legends program scores sponsorship from Goliath Finance


Wildcard’s League of Legends program has scored a sponsorship from Goliath Finance, a blockchain-based technology platform.

On Feb. 2, Goliath finance will launch its first product: CRO.art, an NFT marketplace on Crypto.com’s new CRONOS blockchain. Cro.art aims to be the most artist-friendly NFT marketplace, featuring white glove service from first contact with the artist to the launch of their NFT products.

“You make the art, and we handle the rest,” said Goliath CEO Santiago Malgarejo. “We’ll provide better customer service, help you code your smart contract, and even help with marketing.”Because Goliath is on the CRO blockchain, NFT trades will cost much less than trades on other NFT marketplaces that rely on older blockchain technologies such as Ethereum. 

Thanks to the partnership with Goliath, Wildcard will provide fans with more content. The partnership will help Wildcard grow its talent pipeline and cement its position as one of the top League of Legends programs in North America. 


Ben Merritt Cofounder and COO of Wildcard Gaming states, “Crypto, Blockchain, NFT and P2E Gaming opportunities exploded in 2021.  We are very excited to partner with Goliath to help bring awareness to this space, in particular the Cronos chain.  We are excited to help Goliath grow as they create utility on the Cronos chain making it cheaper, safer and easier for the public user base.”


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