Incent Partnership Announcement

Wildcard is proud to partner with Incent, an Australian martech company that leverages cryptocurrency to reward digitally trackable actions. This partnership will allow our pro players and influencers a new and exciting way to reward their audience and community. This partnership will also create additional revenue streams for our Wildcard players and Influencers and we are excited to integrate Incent into the Wildcard family. 

Incent’s, Ingage technology was designed to be deployed by content creators, on any live streaming channel, to help grow audiences and supercharge engagement, connecting advertisers on the back-end.

 “Ingage allows streamers to earn as they build audience, audience to earn for their attention and commerce to access both as a by-product.” 

Ben Merritt Cofounder and CDO of Wildcard Gaming states, “ It is exciting to pick up an Australian based partner, I am very excited to work with the team over at Incent as we have some exciting things planned.  I look forward to further expanding into the Australian market.”

Wildcard is a professional esports organization with a focus on Australian expansion.  They currently compete in the APAC South Rainbow six pro league along with recently expanding into Australian Valorant assembling one of the top teams in the region.

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