Wildcard is happy to welcome Joolie into our Stream Team! Joolie is a growing name in the PUBG community and working hard to entertain and provide and quality content. When we heard about Joolie, we couldn’t resist. We recently sat down to pick her brain and help you get to know her and learn about her stream and start in gaming. Check out the interview below!

Tell us about yourself! The basics.
My name is Julie and I am currently a full time student studying Communications concentrating in Public Relations. I am 24 years old and also enjoy fashion. I grew up playing video games on handhelds to consoles. I finally started PC gaming in 2017.

How did you start livestreaming?
My ex introduced me to Twitch while I was consistently playing League of Legends and was inspired to start streaming myself one day.

What games do you live stream?
PUBG is what I stream the most. I also occasionally stream Apex, Fortnite, League of Legends and CS:GO. I want to start streaming other games so that I can start being more of a variety streamer in the future.

What’s your favorite game to livestream?
PUBG. I have around three thousand hours in the game.

How did you start playing that game?
My two best friends starting playing it before me and introduced me to the game. He let me play on his account to see if I would enjoy it and I just became addicted to PUBG ever since. This was also my first FPS game.

Is there anything that you think sets you apart from other live streamers?
I’m not too sure but I can say I like to keep things real. I don’t sugar coat things when things are ugly. I like to goof around and not take everything so seriously.

What’s one thing you would want people to know about you before they visited your stream?
I used to focus mainly on fashion and blogging before I started gaming.

What are your aspirations as a Streamer? Short term goals? Long term goals?
I hope to inspire others wanting to start streaming and to also inspire women in gaming since for some reason women get more hatred towards video games sometimes. A long term goal would to be able to keep doing what I do for as long as I can. I also hope to start doing charity streams in the future when I figure out how to be successful at doing it.

How has working with Wildcard been so far?
I just started and so far everything is awesome!

Anything else you’d like to talk about?
I was never a competitive person in the past but when I started getting involved with games like PUBG, it made me want to win in tournaments and prove people wrong that I am able to do something people think I am not able to do. I want to represent a girl who isn’t just playing a game for attention but for the respect that I am actually trying to be as skillful as I can be when playing a game even though it’s just for fun. I noticed a lot of people automatically assume girls who are gaming “suck” and I want to take the negative connotation away from women and gaming.


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