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Wildcard is proud to announce our two top level rosters for the 2021 Summer split of Proving Grounds. These two rosters have been put together with the goal of getting players into the professional level of play. We have a good mix of veteran leadership and young mechanical talent which Wildcard feels is the recipe for success. Each one of our players within our program are hungry to prove they are Academy/LCS quality players and are eager to start the summer split.

In split one we got the Wildcard League of Legends program off the ground achieving our goals. We came into the program with the thought process of pairing a lot of upcoming talent and combining it with an experienced coaching staff with clear goals for growth in mind. Between splits we ran our Scouting Combine which saw over 130 players showcase themselves to Wildcard as well as scouts from various LCS organizations and top level amateur/collegiate teams. We are very proud of our achievement to create an event that brought the whole amateur community together. Through this combine we were able to identify talent that was not on our immediate radar as well as test various combinations to see how people meshed together. Through the multiple weekends of play we were able to settle in on standout players that we wished to test internally. After one final weekend of internal tryouts we finalized these two rosters for the summer split. With these players and our two team Coaches, ADFX and Draher, we are confident both teams will be extremely prepared heading into this split.

Being asked about the program for this split Myra Davis (Wildcard’s League of Legends General Manager) had this to say: 

“We are looking to treat these two rosters as one internal unit. With regular in houses between rosters, sharing of coaching resources and knowledge, and newer players being able to learn from veterans we are creating an environment for growth and collaboration.”

For Wildcard Red we are focused on helping talented players prove to LCS organizations they are professional ready. Dhokla and Winston were teammates on Solafide where they were one of the top rosters and built a synergy together. While having both played professionally we are confident they still have room to grow and showcased that to us in our internal tryouts. We also brought in Arrow to provide an immense amount of leadership and knowledge to the team as well as act as a mentor and role model to younger players in the org. Wrapping this roster off with two mechanically talented players in Bradley and Daption we are excited for this team to compete in the summer split.

Wildcard Black is focused on players with a strong mechanical foundation and what we feel has a very high ceiling. Qwacker, who played on our Spring 2021 roster was by far the most improved player last split and is still improving at a very high rate. Clam comes in from a mainly collegiate background from Purdue University where Coach Draher has coached for the past three years. We feel Clam is a very sound mechanical jungler who will fit nicely on this roster. Robbybob has been a mainstay in amateur for a couple years now being a very solid mid laner playing on a multitude of challenger level amateur teams, he has proven his ability at the highest levels of amateur. Lastly Minui and Yasin come in as a duo from our developmental program where they have built extensive synergy and have been learning for a full split now. With the opportunity to actively compete in Proving Grounds and to learn from our coaching staff and veteran talent such as Arrow, Minui and Yasin will both be able to grow immensely in this split. We are extremely excited for the talent on this roster and look forward to getting these players Academy ready for next year.

The Wildcard Gaming League of Legends program is focused on growing and helping talented players reach their professional goals. We are committed to identifying upcoming talent through our internal scouting and events such as the Wildcard Combine and plan to continue to build and improve the program. We were extremely pleased with the growth and development of our team in split one and the positive learning environment we built. Our goal for split two is to show that these players in our program are Academy and LCS ready and for as many of the players as possible to move into the professional level. We are excited to continue to build out what we feel will be one of the best talent development programs in all of esports. 



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