Low Tier City 7 has come and gone and if you weren’t able to watch it, well… You should get on that! It was certainly one of the craziest weekends for not only Wildcard but for the Brawlhalla community and… What’s this? The Smash community? Yeah, you read that right. While Wildcard yet again took home 1st and 2nd place podium finishes in Brawlhalla singles and duos we also took home a very unexpected 9th place finish in Smash Bros Ultimate singles. While 9th place is out of the podium we can at least say the matches were not only surprising but they left everyone on the edge of their seats- Crowd, viewers, and commentators alike. It safe to say that Sandstorm went back to his Smash roots and caused quite an uproar!

There’s a few highlights to touch upon in Brawlhalla duos. While the team of wrenchd and Starlight were eliminated in 5th place after losing in the Loser’s Quarter Finals to the team of eggsoup and LDZ we did learn one thing: Wrenchd’s Bodvar isn’t too shabby. But the hammer play isn’t what shocked us! The Wildcard and Tempo Storm duo of Sandstorm and Boomie (unsurprisingly) made it to the Grand Finals, once again, where they faced off against team Phazon and Remmy.

It was a match that kept viewers at the edge of their seats as Phazon and Remmy reset the bracket, 3-1, against the boomstorm powerhouse. It dragged the Grand Finals into another 5 full matches that ultimately lead to the dethroning of the 4 time LAN duo winners. A close 3-2 game that had the crowd in awe and it certainly was a hard fought win for the new champs. Congrats to Phazon and Remmy!

In Brawlhalla singles wrenchd had a tough run, making it to the winners quarter finals and being knocked into the Loser’s bracket by Ethan. In Loser’s he then played STTP Wilson only to be eliminated, 0-3. No one can always have good games- We’re confident he’ll come back strong for the Brawlhalla Summer Championships!

On the winners side of singles Sandstorm had a nerve wracking run. Duos partner Boomie finally took a well earned and long awaited win against the now 6x LAN champion- A win that knocked Sandstorm into Loser’s where he faced LDZ in what started off as a heart stopping set but turned into a slaughter. Sandstorm moved onto the Grandfinals to once again meet Boomie and trust me when I say it is a match you’re going to want to go back and watch!

Sandstorm and Boomie played neck and neck, running a full five games before Sandstorm could reset the bracket. Each and every stock lost had viewers glued to their screens and Twitch chat going insane. Ultimately, after another four exciting games, Sandstorm still reigns King over the world of Brawlhalla singles!

On the other end of competitive fighting games Sandstorm shocked the world of Smash Bros Ultimate by showing what commentators referred to as “utter disrespect” to anyone he played against. The Brawlhalla pro took on- And won against- Some of the biggest professional names in the game.

The upset started when Sandstorm knocked Myran into Loser’s with a clean 2-0. It was then that other Smash pros began to get a bit nervous… Shortly after Myran’s fall the Brawlhalla pro also took out ESAM, shock surely setting in as he moved forwards. It was his heart stopping match against TSM Tweek that knocked him into Loser’s and eventually eliminated him in 9th place after he faced eU Samsora to end the weekend’s Smash run.

While Sandstorm’s success in Smash was entertaining to say the least, it’s clear his skill still lies in Brawlhalla. But who knows? Maybe we’ll catch his Smash play again in the future. Until then we have the Brawlhalla Summer Championships to look forward to at the end of July. Need something to keep you busy over the break? Check out our influencers here https://wildcard.gg/influencers/ and show them some love! If you haven’t already picked up your #stackthedeck emote on Twitch it’s not too late! Head over and grab it so you’re ready to cheer us on at BH Summer Champs.



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