This past weekend was an exciting one with The MTN DEW AMP Gamefuel Brawlhalla Championship, the biggest online tournament Brawhalla has ever had! Saturday May 18th was the 1v1 portion of the competition and it was a great day for Wildcard.

Wrenchd came out the gates strong with multiple 2-0 sweeps in pool play to advance into the top 128 where he then got the best of Doppey and exo to secure his spot in the winners side of Top 32. Unfortunately, wrenchd ended up falling to Cody Travis in a VERY close 2-1 set. He then went on to fight STTP Wilson and kept both games super close but ended up losing 2-0. It was a great effort this tournament from wrenchd, and he is already back on the grind for Dreamhack Dallas which takes place next weekend, May 31st-June 2nd.


Sandstorm had a quite the run in the 1v1 side of the tourney that will be very hard to duplicate. During the entire competition Sandstorm didn’t lose a single game! If you don’t know, this means every set was won with either a 2-0, or a 3-0. Impressive, to say the least! He took down some of the Brawlhalla greats such as Boomie, Phazon, Remmy, and Simba all while on stream, live to over 11,000 viewers! This will definitely will be a run that everyone will remember for a long time. Sandstorm looks to carry this momentum into Dreamhack Dallas to try and take the victory in another LAN event.


The 2v2 side of this event was a hard fought. Wrenchd and his teammate Starlight had a very clean pool play, but faced some struggles when they advanced into Top 32. Unfortunately, they fell 2-0 to the future winners of the tournament, Remmy and Phazon. Shortly after wrenchd and starlight fought noeL and ithrowow, another very good duo in the Brawlhalla scene, which ended their run in 9th place.


Sandstorm and Boomie had a dominant pool play, and a great 2-0 to kick off their Top 32 run. In a very close set against Santy and Simba they fell into losers bracket, needing to win 1 set to get into Top 8. The duo took down every team they went against in the losers bracket, all the way up to loser’s semi-finals. Sandstorm and Boomie ended up getting knocked out by the very powerful duo of Cody Travis and Isidroo, securing them their 4th place Finish. \

Both of these duos will be competing together at Dreamhack Dallas next weekend so get ready for another great weekend of Brawlhalla very soon! Tune in to show us your #stackthedecck pride and support by watching the competition live at If you don’t already have your WCG emote, go and subscribe to our influencers here and snag your own!


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