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We at Wildcard had an amazing 2018 year, full of great accomplishments and a lot of company firsts. We are excited to announce our total visual rebrand. The rebrand took a lot of consideration within the ownership group as the Jester is such an iconic symbol for Wildcard. As the Jester goes into the vault, we celebrate the logos success as it achieved its purpose: “Stand out and be Unique”. Moving forward as a company, we knew that we needed to have a more professional look, something that branded more clearly. Even though we are moving away from the Jester, we remain Wildcard and that will never change.

As we look forward into 2019 we have lots of big things planned. New look, new website, new sponsors, new streamers, so keep an eye out.

Since the inception of Wildcard the entire staff here has embodied the true spirit of being a Wildcard, starting from the literal bottom and creating something very special. Now we have headline teams and players across many different titles being considered Worldwide leaders in their respective games.  A robust stream team that has proven that their growth is only just beginning. A diehard community of fans who have followed us all the way through our successful 2018. Wildcard was founded on the thought of being a “player driven Organization”, to give players a safe space to develop their skills and become professional players. Even the name itself “Wildcard” essentially comes from us doing things differently. We have always taken pride in our ability to scout talent through statistical analysis, development of teams, culture, and relationships. We feel this is the recipe for success, and we at Wildcard are excited for what we will accomplish in 2019.

2018 was just the beginning.



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