Yesterday was day 2 of phase 2 for the National PUBG North American Pro League and Wildcard Gaming still stands consistent and strong at the end of the day. Landing in the top 5 for week 1, totaling 49 kills and racking up 32 points leading us to a tie for 5th place with Team Envy. So far we’ve successfully nailed our goal of being in the top 5!


Game one lead us to a familiar situation to Saturday’s first game as the circle pushed everyone to military island once again. As the blue began to rush in WCG was forced at act fast, provoking a fight with Endemic on the shoreline. Sharpshot was able to knock Wo1f out of a boat giving CAD3N a clear shot at SomeThang, effectively taking the boat for ourselves which allowed us to come in 12th place, ending the game with 3 kills.


Games two and three left Wildcard in a bit of a passive position, both times ending in 9th place with 3 kills. While out of our top 5 goal we managed to recover nicely in game 4, an exciting stand off with Rumblers giving us our 9th kill landing WCG in the position of second highest kills and finishing the final round of day 2 in 5th place.


Keep up with phase 2 and give Wildcard Gaming your support by tuning in on Saturday and Sunday for week 2. You can watch it all unfold live at and don’t forget to subscribe to our influencers here to score our sweet emote to show your #stackthedeck pride!


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