As the evening draws closer, our favorite PUBG squad is closely reviewing vods to fix some of the previous mistakes from day 1. Though we had a great showing in games 1 and 2 on Monday, our overall performance landed us in 11th place for the lobby and we currently sit outside the top 16 between all groups.  Wildcard sits a mere 50 points outside of the sweet 16, watch tonight as we ascend the ladder and make some more highlight plays!

Come visit us at for the current stats and expect to see Wildcard moving into the ‘sweet 16’ this evening!!!

Wildcard Gaming’s Ben and, current coach Envsn, have been reviewing play-by-plays, strategy, and more intricate details with the guys since their performance on Day 1.  We’re excited to see what they have in store for us and our viewers today!

Toumai, Pride, Sharpshot, and Xtreme are ready to bring home some Chicken Dinners tonight, are you? Come visit us at for the ultimate viewing experience. We will be watching Sharpshot and the boys frag out with you! Stay tuned for results, highlights, and everything related to Wildcard PUBG, all happening RIGHT NOW! #WCWIN

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