NPL Day One Concluded with Wildcard Sitting in 11th Position

Day one was crazy!!! The day contained all of the aspects of an Action-feature ‘motion picture’ starring our very own Sharpshot!  Yes, “haters gonna hate” and say we only placed 11th in the first round, but tomorrow we will show you the vantage point in which we sat in wait!  Those of us at Wildcard are proud of our day one performance through arguably the most difficult lobby. Though we didn’t place or rack up as many kills as we should have, we are taking vod review very seriously tonight and we will be back hungry for tomorrow’s CHICKEN! We want to thank all of our fans and those who have joined our family this past year and a half. Come show us some love tomorrow by tuning in to tomorrow’s games on our brand new website, which features the NPL on our PUBG Team Page!  Hats off to OGN production team and all their amazing casters. Sit back in your silky PJ’s tomorrow and view all the action through the official Wildcard platform!

Come visit us at We will be watching Sharpshot and the boys frag out with you! Stay tuned for daily results and make us your one stop. #WCWIN

Now let’s watch that clip!!! GOING INSANE!!!



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