Day 1 of the National PUBG North American Pro League is in the books and our stars end the day with a competitively close leaderboard 10 points out of first place- Not a bad start! The addition of world class fragger and sniper, CAD3N, has definitely lifted our squad’s sheer killing power to new heights, arguably making us one of the top teams in the world in terms of fragging. Though the games yesterday were a bit underwhelming compared to how we thought we’d come busting out of the gates, we still remain the kings of consistency thanks to our core roster of Toumai and Pride, that much has not changed.


The PUBG squad yesterday had several opportunities to capitalize on high intensity situations and capitalize they did! In game 1 they ended 3rd place by a clutch survival strategy by our newest fragger, CAD3N, who healed in the blue on the final circles. In games 2 and 3 we racked up several kills to keep our consistency in the top 10. In the final game of the day our players took another strong top 5 placement finish with 6 kills, bring us from 9th to tied for 5th to end out the day.


It’s Wildcard championship sunday which means the boys will be wearing black! Grab your friends and tune into the game at 2pm pacific to cheer us on as we look to unleash our full potential of this destructive roster for the first time this split! We’ve got 4 games, can we recreate what Team Liquid did in the PEL Kick of Cup the other day?


You can find out by heading over to our PUGB Team Page at and use hashtag ‘stackthedeck’ in chat. If you don’t already have the official Wildcard Gaming emote, be sure to subscribe to one of our amazing streamers and grab that for the games today! You can find a list of our content creators here:


Let’s go Wildcard! #stackthedeck


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