This past weekend marked week 5, the final week of PUBG’s NPL Phase 2. Coming from last week we had our sights set on pulling out of the rut we were in, however it seems every other team had the same idea. While we made an improvement in our standings from week 4, it was just not enough to put us anywhere near our goal of top 5- And we have some major work to do during our two week break before Relegations.

While day 1 of week 5 was a rough one day 2 proved we still had it in us to meet our goals! After 6 long games with little to show we reassessed our gameplay and absolutely killed games 7 and 8, making a major improvement from where we were!

In game 7 we faced an absolutely devastating circle that closed in on 3 teams leaving nowhere to run or hide. We played it well, elminiating Tempo Storm before facing an exciting stand off with Simplicity that really pushed us to make some brash moves. Cad3n snuck in to flank, taking out pentalol and leaving Simplicity to question Pride’s position. Eventually, as the circle closed in even more Wildcard would take 2nd place with 9 kills and 15 points. This game, paired with another strong finish in game 8 reminded us why we’re here and what we’re capable of!  


If you didn’t know already Relegations help decide the lineup for the next Phase. They take the bottom 6 Pro teams and the top 10 Contending teams to face off in 12 very intense games over the course of a single weekend. In order to make it to Phase 3 Wildcard needs to place in the top 6 of Relegations and we definitely have our sights set on killing it!


Last week we talked about what was at stake for us if we were to land outside of our top 5 goal and it’s seeming that this back up plan will be coming into full effect. As stated we have two weeks to refocus, recharge, and realign our goals to make it through Relegations. While the pressure is definitely on it’s safe to say our team still stands strong and positive. Cad3n took to Twitter after the games saying “[I’ve] Learned so much, only improving… Sorry for disappointing, not lying when I say I gave it all I had. The future is still looking good and promising!”

Wildcard believes in our team and their capabilities and we agree- The future is promising! As always, you can tune in to watch the games live at to show your support. If you haven’t already snagged your own #stackthedeck emote you can get yours by subscribing to our influencers here


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